Deputy Prime Minister of China’s regime visits Dalian after being attacked by COVID-19, residents say it’s for the show

Sun Chunlan, Deputy Prime Minister of the Chinese government, recently visited Dalian in the northeast, which was hit by China’s COVID-19, one of China’s largest shipping centers.

Authorities focused on promoting the reported reduction in daily COVID-19 infections, but because locals did not address their difficulties caused by the government’s blockade policy, her He said the visit was just a sham. Instead, stricter restrictions on official visits made life even more difficult.

Since November 12, the inhabitants have lived under strict blockages and no one can leave the house. According to the notification, if a member of the household leaves the house, the quarantine period will be reset to resume for 14 days. Authorities have installed electronic door sensors and stickers affixed to the doors to monitor for violations. However, due to strict measures and lack of blockade services, many households are running out of food and necessities.

Mainland China media reported that from November 12th to 13th, Sun visited Dalian, where the outbreak of COVID-19 was serious, and conducted an “investigation and guidance on epidemic prevention and management.” Netizens will receive a “turning point” and “deceleration and controllable” daily case count official report as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) effort to guide China’s “fight against the pandemic” when Sun arrives. I noticed that I showed the situation.

Official Dalian sources reported only 61 new cases on 13 November, 25 cases on 14 November, and 3 new cases on 15 November. All of these were close associates already isolated at the hotel.

During her inspection, Sun visited the university town of Dalian, the companies and hotels that reported the infected cluster, and the nearby county-level city of Zhuanghe, according to official state media reports. On November 14, Sun also visited an elementary school in Dalian and a COVID-19 test site in a residential area.

In the video Post A closed apartment resident from the residential community of Eige Garden in Sunshine Ichen, Ganjingzi District, Dalian Shouted out From their house to Sun, “We have no food and no price. [of rationed food] The price is high! “

Also, on November 14, local officials purchased special food and supplies during a Sunday visit for residents of Izumi-gai, Ganjingzi District, Dalian.But by November 15th, the food and supplies purchased Not yet distributed After they were left unattended as many inhabitants continued to be hungry.

A local in Dalian, Zhuanghe, who was hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, told the Epoch Times in Chinese that the city was completely closed and Sun’s visit did not help the local situation. Told. Jeez.

“Distributed food and delivery are not free, and then local businesses have been forced to close without compensation, and we still have to pay the loan,” said the local named Lin. Said the business owner.

“Sun’s visit has made control even tighter. Currently, people are not allowed to leave their homes at all. All stores are closed and closed, and people’s homes are also closed. No opening is allowed, “he added.

“Now they have installed sensors on people’s doors. When you open the door, they [the local authorities] I will know you and arrest you. When you leave the house, you will be arrested. Anyway, I can’t run my business right now, they don’t allow it. So don’t think about ordering cakes in Zhuanghe in the near future. The business to make it is not open. “

Lynn also revealed that: She arrived at noon and left before the evening. “

WuCenxi contributed to the report.

Alex Woo


Alex Wu is a US-based writer of The Epoch Times, focusing on Chinese society, Chinese culture, human rights and international affairs.