Derek Chauvin, along with 280 other convicted murderers, is held in a cell in the largest prison.

Derek Chauvin Prison

Derek Chauvin is being held at the MCF-Oak Park Heights Management and Control Unit. Minnesota Correctional Bureau

  • Derek Chauvin is being held at the MCF-Oak Park Heights Management and Control Unit.

  • The cell confinement unit holds prisoners 23 hours a day.

  • According to corrections bureau data, the facility has 280 convicted murderers.

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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd, has been detained at Oak Park Heights’ largest security Minnesota correctional facility. Insider reported earlier He lives away from the general population of prisons in the administrative unit.

The prison is the safest facility in the state, about a 40-minute drive from the corner of Minneapolis, where Floyd died.

Chauvin, who has not yet been sentenced, stays in the cell for 23 hours a day and is given an hour to exercise away from the cell. The New York Times learned.

Tuesday jury Convicted of two 45-year-old murders, Third-class murder, manslaughter. Floyd died after Chauvin knelt on his body for more than nine minutes while being handcuffed to the ground.

Chauvin was detained shortly after the verdict was announced.

According to Minnesota, administrative units are often used for disciplinary reasons, but detaining prisoners in the general public can also raise certain safety concerns. Correctional Bureau.

Orthodontic staff should visit each person’s cell in the unit at least once every 30 minutes.

MCF-Oak Park Heights, Chauvin

Cell door of MCF Oak Park Heights. Minnesota Correctional Bureau

Chauvin is one of 280 murderers at the facility

On Wednesday, the Minnesota Corrections Bureau released a profile of prisoners providing statistics on criminals detained at MCF-Oak Park Heights. The facility employs 378 people, and Chauvin is one of 280 convicted murderers. According to the data.

All prisoners currently in the facility are over 18 years old, with an average age of 39 years. About 45% of inmates are black and 39% are white.

According to the data, the average sentence for all prisoners is 11.8 years, and those convicted of murder are sentenced to an average of 11.3 years.

A total of 309 prisoners (80%) have at least a GED or high school diploma.

MCF Oak Park Heights, Chauvin

MCF Oak Park Heights is the largest prison in Minnesota. Minnesota Correctional Bureau

He was able to spend up to 360 days in his cell

In 2019, Minnesota extended the maximum amount of time a prisoner could spend in a cell from 90 days to 360 days after two prison officers were killed. Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported at the time.

Prisoners in the cell are trapped in an 8½ x 11-foot cell with beds, concrete benches, showers, and toilets. The Minneapolis Start Review has previously reported. A camera is installed on the ceiling, and the toilet and lighting are controlled by someone outside the cell.

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