Derek Chauvin is likely to appeal his murder conviction, but legal experts explain that his success is unlikely.

Derek Chauvin is guilty

Derek Chauvin was handcuffed after a jury found him guilty of murder. Pool camera

  • Derek Chauvin is likely to appeal his conviction, but legal experts don’t think he will succeed.

  • Experts predict that his lawyer will have a discussion already previewed in a motion at trial.

  • For a successful appeal, experts say Chauvin’s lawyer must prove that the jury was at risk.

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Derek Chauvin’s murder trial provided a preview of the debate that his lawyer is likely to appeal to, but legal experts are unlikely to overturn the murder conviction of a dismissed Minneapolis officer. It has said.

“There is no doubt that Chauvin will appeal,” Somil Trivedy, a senior lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, told insiders. “He has all the statutory rights and his lawyer would be a bit wrong not to do so as a matter of defense ethics and its nature. But from what I saw in court, I I can’t see anything there. “

Mike Roller, A nationally recognized expert on criminal justice reform, an associate professor at the University of New Haven, Shovin, unless something unlikely happens, such as a jury going forward in an interview to express prejudice. I believe that the conviction will continue.

“Imagine having one of the juries interview you,’Hey, I’m suspicious, but I was worried about what would happen if I voted innocently,'” Laura said. “That is, if you have it, you may not even need an appeal to get suspicious.”

Chauvin’s defense lawyer, Eric Nelson, urged him to move it from Minneapolis, draw attention to the case, and isolate the jury because of its controversial nature, before the trial began.Nelson becomes a judge Move or postpone Chauvin’s trial After Floyd’s family lawyer announces $ 27 million settlement with the city In the middle of jury selection.

Judge Peter Cahill denied the request, and Minneapolis continued to watch protests of anti-police atrocities throughout the trial.

Laura told insiders that the judge agreed to refuse to move the proceedings out of the city.

“Where in the country do you feel different from doing such a trial compared to Minneapolis? That is, where?” Laura said. “Second, people had to say a lot above and below the line, but in reality they need evidence that it actually influenced the jury’s decision.”

Maxine Waters

Congressman Maxine Waters. Emma McIntyre / Staff

Maxine Waters’ comments probably won’t work

Police protest local racial justice Shot dead a 20 year old black man In the third week of the trial, near the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

When protesting in a nearby city two days before closing arguments, reporters asked US Congressman Maxine Waters what the protesters should do if Chauvin was found innocent.

“Well, we have to stay on the street,” Waters said. “And we have to be more aggressive. We have to be more confrontational. We know they know we mean business. I have to confirm. “

Her comment caused anger from Republican officials Nelson pointed out that the jury could not acquit Chauvin without fear of their own security and the security of their hometown, and urged Nelson to move to an illegal trial.

Cahill denied the motion, noting that the jury was instructed to avoid the news. However, the judge called it “disgusting”, saying that the authorities continued to talk about the proceedings while the trial was in progress and that it interfered with legal proceedings.

“I tell you that Congressman Waters may have given you something about an appeal that could result in the entire trial being overturned,” Kay Hill said.

Trivedy told insiders that the judge’s move to dismiss the allegations of illegal trials was a “right call.”

“How accurate is Maxine Waters’ one-off comment the night before irreparably polluting the jury, which can lead to fraudulent trials? What is it holding water? I don’t think, “he said. “The judge dealt with it, pointing out that they were partially isolated, and said that there was really no strong link between her remarks and the fair trial. He was angry with it. However, he denied it as a matter of law. “

Trivedy described the ACLU as “very friendly to the defendant and very skeptical of the indictment’s illegal activity,” and if anything points to Chauvin’s unfair trial, his The organization said it would emphasize it.

In his closing rebuttal, prosecutor Jerry Blackwell called the testimony from the defense witnesses a “story,” suggesting that the evidence they provided was not true.

“The judge actually upheld the objection, which helped Chauvin, and I think it’s the right call,” Trivedy said. “The prosecution should make positive claims, and they should undermine the defense’s claims with their own facts, or undermine the credibility of the facts.

Chauvin was able to grab these comments on appeal, but according to Trevidy, they are unlikely to overturn the case. Cahill finally asked the jury not to consider the language in the deliberations.

Derek Chauvin

A photo of Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd was submitted as evidence. Pool video, court tv

Evidence at trial speaks for itself

According to Laura, a member of the Police Commission in New Haven, Connecticut, who was appointed to the standards and training of police officers, Chauvin’s actions are currently illegal and sufficient to justify the conviction. There is evidence. Council.

“I haven’t met any class of police officers who want to defend Chauvin,” he said. “He clearly broke all rules, all training, all policies, all guidelines, all general sentences, all humankind.”

Evidence that the crime was committed was recorded in a video by bystanders, and Laura simply asked the jury, “In terms of his mental state, what category do you put it in?”

The jury admitted that Chauvin was found guilty of second-class murder, third-class murder, and manslaughter. He was convicted of a second murder and Face up to 40 years in prison If the judge determines that there are aggravating factors that make it appropriate to go beyond the state sentencing guidelines.

Chauvin’s lawyer is likely to wait until the decision is appealed, Laura said, but suspects it will go everywhere. If Chauvin succeeds, federal prosecutors could result in civil rights accusations with even more severe penalties, he said.

“Chauvin may want to quit while he’s on the move, and maybe he should wait until he makes some ruling,” Laura said. “If he’s 40 years old, that’s one thing.”

“I think they are very unlikely to succeed,” he added. “The arguments they are trying to make are predictable, and they are more or less already making them.”

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