Derek Chauvin’s defense focuses on reasonable doubt in closing arguments comparing the murder with burning cookies.


Jury Derek Chauvin begins deliberations as the United States supports the verdict

Former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial charged with George Floyd’s murder – live coverage Derek Chauvin’s murder trial is about the death of George Floyd, a jury awaited by millions of Americans I heard the closing discussion on Monday before starting to consider the verdict. Tensions are rising in Minneapolis, with hundreds of National Guards deployed. Last year, a video of a former police officer allegedly killing a 46-year-old black man, Floyd, caused days of protests, riots, looting, and demonstrations in the United States and around the world. Earlier this month, another protest broke out over police shooting dead a 20-year-old black man, Dantelite, while transportation was stopped outside Minneapolis. Many Americans have reached their own verdict in the Chauvin case, and see the trial as part of a calculation in the wider struggle for racial justice. Nevertheless, on Monday the lawyer focused on persuading the jury. Prosecutor Steve Schleicher said the video footage of Chauvin pressing his knees against Floyd’s neck was key to the case. “This case is exactly what you see with your eyes. That’s what you know in your heart,” he said. Schleicher said the video shows that Chauvin is completely indifferent to Floyd. “For 9 minutes and 29 seconds, George Floyd begged until he couldn’t beg anymore, and the defendant continued the assault,” he said. Prosecutors kneeled Chauvin’s “ego, his pride” even if bystanders begged him to stop because he was “not told what to do” He said he led him to fix. “He intended to do what he wanted, in the way he wanted, as long as he wanted,” Schleicher said. “This isn’t a crackdown, it’s unnecessary, it’s free, and he did it on purpose.” A jury committed assault when Chauvin, 45, fixed Floyd on the ground. If you agree, it will pave the way for conviction on the most serious charges of the second murder. It has died. “What the defendant was here was a straightforward assault of serious crime,” Schleicher said. “It killed George Floyd.” Even if the jury disagrees that the use of Chauvin’s use of force is a crime, he “recklessly ignores human life.” You may be guilty of a third-class murder. Chauvin is also facing manslaughter. In the jury’s instructions, Judge Peter Carhill said Chauvin was responsible for any action that would cause Floyd’s death, even if it was due to other factors. As the defense claims, even if heart damage and substance use contributed to Floyd’s death, Chauvin would still be guilty if the jury determined that his actions were causing heart failure, so it was prosecution. Useful for. Schleicher argues that Chauvin’s actions were not the cause of Floyd’s death, but succumbed to heart disease, substance use, and even carbon monoxide poisoning from car exhaust. Schleicher asked if Floyd would have died that day if he had not been detained by Chauvin, and despised the idea that he chose that moment to die of heart disease. “Use common sense. Believe in your eyes,” he told the jury. “The unjust force that holds him to the ground, that’s what killed him.” People gather at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis for Sunday’s AAPI and Black Solidarity rally. Photo: Jason Almond / Los Angeles Times / REX / Shutterstock Schleicher says the way Chauvin and other police officers fixed Floyd to the ground blocked his breathing and was the only cause of his death. It reminded the jury of the testimony from the medical professionals mentioned. “George Floyd struggled desperately to breathe to make enough space in his chest to breathe, but he was too powerful,” Schleicher said. Schleicher told the jury that he did not have to discover that the defendant intended to harm or violate the law in order to convict him of the second murder. “The only thing the state has to prove is that he intentionally intended to force George Floyd,” he said. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, focused on whether police officers’ actions were “reasonable under the overall circumstances” when Floyd fought fiercely in a police car. “Someone is obedient for one second and can fight the next second,” he said. Nelson said it was reasonable for Chauvin to believe that Floyd’s conviction was a ploy to avoid arrest. Lawyers dismissed medical expert evidence that the moment Floyd’s leg was struck was evidence of a type of brain damage due to lack of oxygen made in hindsight and a medical degree. “Reasonable police will interpret this as at least some form of minimal resistance,” he said. Nelson described Chauvin as being distracted by the crowd when Floyd died, and said he reached out for seeing Mace as a threat. “It changed Chauvin’s perception of what was happening,” he said. Nelson said the whole situation justified Chauvin’s actions and established his innocence. “This may not be attractive, but it was the use of force allowed, and this is prima facie suspicion,” he said. “There is no evidence that Chauvin has deliberately used illegal force,” Nelson said in common knowledge that the prosecution would dismiss Floyd’s heart disease and drug use as the cause of his death. He said it was against. However, in response, the prosecution accused Nelson of “distorting the facts,” arguing that the prosecution had to prove that there were no other factors in Floyd’s death in order for Chauvin to be found guilty. did. Nelson’s claim was “unconventional.” Closing arguments lasted most of the day, unusually, reflecting the complexity of the case and the vastly different interpretations of the event. Special Attorney General Jerry Blackwell, who held a prosecution debate three weeks ago, said the last word before the judge sent the jury to deliberations. He told the jury that the proceedings against Chauvin were simple enough for the child to understand. So a nine-year-old bystander told police officers to “get off” from George Floyd. The prosecution has begun to argue that Blackwell called common sense the 46th witness of #DerekChauvinTrial. […] It’s simple enough for a child to understand it. In fact, when the 9-year-old girl said, “Get off him,” the child understood it. — Fabiola Cineas (@FabiolaCineas) April 19, 2021 Blackwell is an officer’s personality and emotion from the victim’s medical condition. He said to the jury: “For example, Mr. Floyd was said to have died because his heart was too big. And now, seeing all the evidence, hearing all the evidence, you know the truth. And the truth of the matter is, The reason George Floyd died is that Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small. “Chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison. The 12 juries will be quarantined until they reach a verdict or disagree with one of the charges. Deliberation continues daily until 7 pm. However, judges have been wary of the court blockade if the verdict is close to it. A member of George Floyd’s family said he wanted to end the trial after the trauma of the trial. Floyd’s cousin Terra Brown told CNN, “It was very difficult to end this trial. I literally shed tears.”