Derek Chauvin’s lawyer asked the judge to sentence him to probation, saying police officers had a short life expectancy.

Derek Chauvin

Derek Chauvin sees his lawyer making closing arguments in his murder trial. Court TV / pool camera

  • Derek Chauvin’s lawyer asked the judge to sentence a former police officer convicted of murder to a suspended sentence.

  • Attorney Eric Nelson said Chauvin had no criminal record and no background as a police officer.

  • As Nelson pointed out in the motion, police officers generally do not live as long as civilians.

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Derek Chauvin’s lawyer has filed a petition requesting a Minnesota judge to declare only probation and length of service, saying that police officers have a shorter life expectancy than the general public.

The motion, filed on Wednesday, took place about three weeks before Chauvin’s sentencing trial.Former officer Face up to 40 years in prison About the murder of George Floyd.

According to a court document filed Wednesday, the state is demanding a 360-month or 30-year sentence.

“The age of Chauvin has an advantage in making decisions,” said lawyer Eric Nelson. “The life expectancy of police officers is generally short, and police officers are more specific than men in general. The life expectancy of dying from illness is significantly higher. He has a preliminary diagnosis of heart damage and can die at a young age, including: “Many former lawyers. “

Prosecutors argued that the exacerbating factors in Floyd’s death date were worth considering the average sentence of 12 and a half years that a first-time offender would face if convicted of a second-class murder.

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cayhill has determined that a longer sentence is justified for the following reasons:

  • Chauvin abused his authority during the murder

  • He killed Floyd in front of nine-year-old children

  • Floyd was “especially vulnerable” while being handcuffed

  • Chauvin treated Floyd with “special cruelty”

  • Other police officers on the scene acted as a group

Nelson is now calling on Cayhill to overturn that finding and impose a lower-than-average sentence. Nelson argued that Chauvin should only be sentenced when he was already in prison.

Chauvin was unaware that he was committing a crime the day he killed Floyd, his lawyer wrote. And while Chauvin is portrayed as a “dangerous person” in the public eye, Nelson says he is an “average criminal” because he lives a “hardworking and law-abiding life.” There was no criminal history before Floyd, claiming that he was dead.

Chauvin has won awards and awards for 19 years as an executive and scored high in the annual review, Nelson added.

“Mr. Chauvin has also received thousands of letters from the local and international community since his arrest in 2020,” he wrote.

Chauvin will be sentenced on June 25, a year and a month after holding Floyd on the ground for more than nine minutes.

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