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All CEOs speaking against Georgia’s new voting restrictions

More than 100 companies, including Twitter, Zillow and Uber, issued a joint statement on Friday through the Civic Alliance to join a number of key companies expressing concern over Georgia law restricting access to voting. .. However, many of these companies, some of which are based in Georgia, may have said earlier when the law was being considered or before the governor signed it. Stay up to date with the latest market trends and economic insights at Axios Markets. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) dismissed the backlash on Wednesday and told CNBC: “I encourage these CEOs to look at the other states in which they do business and compare what the real facts are with Georgia.” What they are saying Citizens’ Alliance: ” Our elections will not improve when legislators impose longer barriers The joint statement states, “We steer this movement with one voter in a nonpartisan commitment to equality and democracy. “Notable signers include Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Lyft, Etsy, Reddit, Snap Inc., Salesforce, Viacom CBS. Facebook. Google said in a statement. “It’s difficult for people to vote,” he said. “We’ve been creating tools and resources to make it easier for people to vote, but knowing how to vote depends on those who can vote,” tweeted Senior Vice President Kurt Walker. “We are concerned about efforts to limit voting at the local level and strongly support the John Lewis Voting Promotion Act.” Patagonia: “Our democracy is Jim Crow’s bill to limit voting rights. Is under attack by a new wave of. There is an urgent need for companies across the country to stand up and use their brand as a force to support democracy. “” John Lewis’s Voting Rights Promotion Act and People’s Act We encourage you to join the company to support it. “Mailchimp:” Voting must be safe, accessible and easy for everyone. SB202 is in our hometown of Georgia. It undermines free and fair elections and makes it difficult for people, especially voters, to exercise their voting rights. Georgian CEO Ben Chestnut said, “Our history is in fact. , Suspended by the moment we extend that right to those who have been denied that right for too long. We must continue to correct past mistakes. Chairman and CEO Brian Moinihan In a message to employees, Apple: “Voting is the basis of democracy. American history is a story of expanding voting. To all citizens, and especially to Bra, especially the people of ck. Had to march, struggle, and even give his life for more than a century to protect that right, “CEO Tim Cook told Axios. “Apple believes that the power of technology should make it easier than ever for all qualified citizens to exercise their voting rights.” Business Roundtable: “Voting is democracy.” The essence of society, the voice of all voters should be heard in a fair election that takes place in good faith. Unnecessary restrictions on voting rights at the heart of the representative government. Members of the Business Roundtable are voted by state law. We believe that rights must be protected and guaranteed. ”This group, on behalf of hundreds of national chief executives, “provides greater access to voting and provides elected officials across the country. We are committed to bipartisan efforts to encourage the participation of a wide range of voters. ” Microsoft: “We are concerned about the implications of the law on the color community, all voters, and employees and their families.” We find it essential as well as correct for the business community to work together. We share the views of other corporate leaders. American Express: “Equal and easy voting for all eligible people in each state is important to uphold our principles. CEO Steve Squeri wrote on LinkedIn: “As a corporate and leadership team, we … oppose efforts to curb voting, which is a fundamental right of all Americans. Coca-Cola: Georgia Law,” said CEO James Quincy. I told CNBC on Wednesday. “”[It] Is wrong and needs to be corrected. We continue to advocate this privately, and now more clearly publicly. Cisco: “Our vote is our voice and everyone deserves an opportunity to hear. Cisco Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins said,” Government votes. ” You should try to make it easier, not harder. “[I]It is clear that the bill contains provisions that make it difficult for many undervalued voters, especially black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect representatives. Kemp responded to Delta’s opposition Wednesday noon, saying, “Through the legislative process, we had many face-to-face discussions with Delta’s representatives. Delta opposes expanding early voting and strengthening voter ID measures. We did not share. We will increase the use of safe dropboxes throughout the state and make it easier for local voters to manage their elections. “” Today’s statement by Delta CEO Edbastian said with the company. In stark contrast to the conversation, it ignores the content of the new law and unfortunately continues to spread the same false attacks repeated by party activists, “Kemp added. According to NBCNews.JPMorganChase, “Voting is the basis of our democratic health and future …. We encourage our employees to exercise their basic voting rights on a regular basis, He opposes efforts that may not be possible: “72 black executives, led by former American Express CEO Ken Schno and former Merck CEO Ken Frazier, are also historic. Called on companies to oppose voting restrictions in public letters. Health Editor Note: This story will be updated as new statements are made. Like this article? Get more information from Axios and visit Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.