DeSantis says education requirements are ‘too strict’ as Florida moves to allow veterans without degrees to teach

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the educational requirements were “too demanding” for educators.

  • Florida Issuing Temporary Teaching Certificates allow veterans teach at school.

  • policy is set Criticism from educators who said it could affect the quality of education.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis complained that educational requirements were “too stringent” to require “specific qualifications” from educators.

His comment is that Florida allow veterans Teach in public schools.policy is set Criticism from educators who said it could affect the quality of education.

“Teach Florida students,” DeSantis said in a Twitter video. “For too long, the requirements to become a teacher have been so stringent that union bosses have insisted that all educators obtain certain qualifications, which often have little effect on teaching performance. did not give

The state’s new program invites veterans to teach after serving four years, earning an honorable or medical discharge, and clearing a background check. He must also have completed his 60 credits (half of a four-year degree) in college and passed the Florida subject exam.

“Our veterans have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the classroom and this innovative approach allows them to receive temporary accreditation and do so for five years as they work towards their degree. You can do that,” says DeSantis.

The Florida Education Association expects more than 8,000 teacher vacancies in the 2022-2023 school year. WPTV. recently statementthe agency called on lawmakers to ensure that teachers receive better salaries and that schools ensure “qualified and experienced teachers.”

“Every morning, students look at the star-studded flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance,” said DeSantis. “It is fitting that the teacher in our classroom is the one who has risked his life to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend our flag and the freedoms it stands for.”

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