DeSantis sues the CDC to resume the cruise.Experts call it a “political stunt”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that he is suing the federal government for a long-term attempt to allow the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to resume cruising immediately.

The cruise company was surprised by the DeSantis proceedings. At a press conference in Port Miami on Thursday, there was no cruise line where DeSantis announced the proceedings. The proceedings are considered by legal experts to be political stunts.

“Florida is fighting back today,” said Desantis, who was adjacent to Congressman Carlos Guimenez and Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jose Pepe Diaz. “We do not believe that the federal government has the right to stagnate major industries for more than a year based on little evidence or data. We have a great chance of success. think.

Cruises in the United States have been banned since mid-March 2020 after the outbreak of COVID-19 and deaths on multiple ships. Cruise companies are currently working to comply with the second phase of the CDC’s “Conditional Sailing Ship Orders”, a framework for resuming the industry that was first released in October. On Friday, the CDC announced the requirements for an agreement that must be secured between US ports in the cities that cruise companies plan to visit and local health authorities.

In an interview on Monday Martin Cetron, Head of Maritime Affairs at the CDC Authorities may allow passengers to board cruise ships in July if vaccine supply and distribution continue to accelerate and the more deadly COVID-19 variant is repelled. The cruise company says it is confident that it will operate safely by then.

Some cruise companies, dissatisfied with the CDC process, plan to start their cruises from Caribbean ports in June.

“Instead of flying to Miami, spending money to stay in a hotel, and instead of spending money to eat at a restaurant before boarding a ship, they fly to the Bahamas, the Bahamas, and they are in the Bahamas. I’m going to spend money, “said Desantis. “And they’re going to do the same thing they did. It doesn’t help Florida, nor does it help our people who really depend on Florida.”

Cruises remain unpassenger in US ports, so Cruise economy related to PortMiami Most are stuck. Prior to the ban, approximately 60,000 South Floridians worked on cruise lines and as industry supporters such as shuttle drivers, stevedores, and travel agencies. Many have seen time savings and the complete disappearance of work.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a lawsuit Thursday morning, but said the case, which had not yet appeared on the federal court’s record site, was against the Biden administration, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the CDC. Said.

Legal experts say the proceedings are unlikely to proceed. The federal government has a very wide range of controls to regulate entry points and international commerce.

Larry Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University and director of the Global Health Law Center at the World Health Organization, said: “Under any circumstances, we couldn’t see a judge defeating the regulations and passenger safety that apply to cruise ships, because if a passenger infects the ship, it would bring the infection to the United States. The United States has a very strong interest and power to prevent it. “

Next is the problem of standing. Cruise companies may be able to successfully claim that they are victims of federal regulation, but it is unlikely that the governor will be able to make the same claim.

Bob Jarvis, a professor of constitution at Nova Southeastern University, said: “DeSantis doesn’t mind being laughed out of court. By the time it’s rejected, his base will have moved.”

In contrast, cruise companies say they prefer a joint approach with the CDC. In the first phase of a conditional sailing order, a cruise company with ships in U.S. waters tested the crew weekly for COVID-19 and reported the results to the agency to help notify the next phase. ..

“We are aware of the proceedings and share a sense of urgency to get Americans back to work,” Carnival Corporation spokesman Roger Flitzel said in an email. “Our focus is on working with the CDC on plans to resume cruise operations this summer.”

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