DeSantis threatens salaries for supervisors who are members of the school board that supports masking


Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said in a statement Monday that the Florida school board could withhold payments from supervisors and school board members who require face masks at schools. CBS Miami..

Important reason: Florida Rapid increase in COVID-19 cases Driven by a highly contagious delta variant. The increase in incidents has sparked intense debate about masking guidelines in schools.

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Big picture: At the end of last month, DeSantis Executive order Prohibit local school districts from requiring students to wear face masks at school.

What they are saying: A statement from the Governor’s Office said non-compliance with the executive order would have “financial consequences” according to CBS Miami.

  • “For example, the state school board may move to withhold salaries from the district foreman or school board members as a narrowly coordinated means of dealing with decision makers who have violated the law.” I read the statement.

  • “The governor’s priority is to protect the rights of parents and ensure that all students have a quality education that meets their unique needs,” he added.

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