DeSantis visits Texas border and Florida resources are being spent on execution

Four years after fleeing “fear” in Cuba, 13 borders, dangerous jungles, and finally Gerashio Bella Gonzalez on the Rio Grande and his wife Jenedi Monterey Mena touch the American soil for the first time in the border city of Del Rio. I did. ,Texas.

They knelt down, looked up at the sky, and wept and thanked God. Finally, on a hot Saturday afternoon, they arrived at a place where they could speak.

“This is the only country we have the opportunity to do, because we can’t speak our hearts over there,” said Gelacio Vera Gonzalez. “We are happy to be here, but we are thinking of the family we left behind. They are still suffering from what we have done.”

“Cuba is scared because we can’t speak,” said Monterrey Mena, who wants to go to Tennessee, where she and her husband have a family.

A friend of mine, Soto Mayor Jr., who crossed the Rio Grande with his arms crossed, said he wanted to go to Miami, where he also had a family.

Within seconds of touching the ground in the United States, three Cubans were arrested by a group of Texas law enforcement officers who began the process of handing them over to the US Customs and Border Protection. It remains unclear if they will be deported.

Just four hours ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Senator Wilton Simpson, and R-Trillby said that about 50 Florida law enforcement officers were 23-Texas officers with the United States. Distint to help secure the Mexican border.

Following that visit, DeSantis and aides to state officials held a press conference with Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott to discuss state efforts to strengthen the border with the United States.

The event symbolized more mainstream border politics since the inauguration of Democratic President Joe Biden. Republicans have used this issue to revitalize their political foundations, even those who are not in the border states, such as Desantis.

Timing of Selling Fundraising on His Visit

For example, DeSantis’ political commissar, which is aiming for re-election in 2022 and is widely believed to be considering running for the White House, used a mission in Texas to market funding shortly after the press conference. I didn’t hesitate to do it. The meeting is over. He is not yet a formal declared candidate.

“What is needed to combat this crisis if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris choose to set foot on the left-wing open border base of their party rather than keeping our country safe. That’s the rest of us. That’s why the Governor of Texas and the Governor of Arizona sought help, “said a friend of Ron DeSantis’ Political Commission to his supporters. I mentioned in the fundraising email.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Encounter with the southwestern border Fiscal Year 2021, including the end of Trump’s term and previous Biden tenure, has increased compared to the past few years.

While in Texas, Florida law enforcement officers helped arrest more than 2,800 undocumented immigrants, such as three Cuban friends who illegally passed to the United States on Saturday afternoon, DeSantis said. It was.

“More than 70% of individuals arrested at the border by our law enforcement agencies said they would eventually want to go to Florida,” DeSantis said in a press conference with Abbott at an airport hanger in Del Rio, Texas. .. 1,000 miles from Florida’s capital, Tallahassee.

When undocumented migrants finally arrive in Florida, DeSantis says it “stresses public resources, schools, medical care, all of this” and “will have a significant impact on communities throughout Florida,” And I think it’s all over the country. “

Signed a ban on so-called sanctuary cities that did not exist in Florida in 2019, and signed a requirement in 2020 for some employers to use E-Verify to screen undocumented workers DeSantis did not mention those policies during the press conference.

But Simpson, who appears to be looking to run for an agricultural commissioner, sees undocumented immigrants in Texas still trying to go to Florida, and these policies are “clearly not deterrent.” I told the Herald / Times on Saturday.

“That’s what we have to see as a nation, and what resources do we need to deal with this crisis,” Simpson said, but a stricter immigration policy was proposed at the 2022 legislative assembly. He said he didn’t know if. This starts in January.

When asked if the governor wanted to do more about state policy, he said he was “gathering information.”

Florida Officers’ Mission in Texas

At a press conference on Saturday, DeSantis said state law enforcement officers’ activities intercepted at the border during the three weeks strengthened his decision to send state resources to Texas.

In addition to arresting undocumented migrants, state law enforcement officers have patrolled the area by plane, on foot, and by plane, intercepting several drugs, including methamphetamine, but ” It wasn’t “massive”. Swaringen said in an interview on Saturday.

The mission is expected to continue until early August and there is no promise that Florida taxpayers will be repaid from Texas.

DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushau said that states seeking help usually reimburse other states for travel expenses. In this case, Texas called on Florida to “send all available law enforcement resources to the border to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

DeSantis complied with this and sent both personnel and equipment.

Texas has no plans to repay Florida costs

A Texas Public Safety spokesman told the Herald / Times that the state had dispatched troops “at its own expense” and would not repay. When asked on Saturday, Abbott did not promise to reimburse Florida for travel expenses related to the mission.

Although repayments seem unlikely, DeSantis and state officials say the mission is still worth the use of state funding.

“The bottom line is that Texas has helped us in the past. They asked for Florida’s help and the governor said we would help,” Swaringen said. “So find the resources and we understand them all. Understand how to pay for this. But you can’t come here [Texas] I don’t know what’s going on here. “

DeSantis added that the mission was within the means of the state.

“Obviously, we’re doing this within our existing budget. We’re making sure that all our priorities are met. A lot is happening in the state,” DeSantis said. Told.

After that, he added: “Hopefully some other states will step up.”

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