Description of body matching for a missing backcounty woman recovered from a stream in Philadelphia


A rare EF3 tornado that struck northeastern Philadelphia on Thursday helped find a body that matched Cassandra’Casey’Johnston’s description of a 26-year-old backcounty woman who had been missing for three weeks, police said. There is a possibility. At a press conference on Sunday.

The body was found near Bybury Creek off Townsend Road in Philadelphia. The identity of the body has not been revealed, but “it seems to be in line with her description,” Lower Southampton Police Chief Ted Krimel told reporters.

Introduced in Casey Dateline NBC’s “Missing in America” On July 26, she was reported missing after not returning home from her friend’s house in Philadelphia.

Her parents said she lost her cell phone early in the evening before Dateline Casey went missing.

Chief Klimel said on Sunday that they would have found her earlier if Casey had a phone call with her.

Police spent weeks looking for Casey and her car, a silver 2016 Ford Focus with a Pennsylvania plate. She was last seen on video driving.

On Saturday, Casey’s car was discovered by investigators in a forest area away from Woodhaven Road near Roosevelt Boulevard in northeastern Philadelphia.

Kevin Ryan, a private detective hired by his family, was following the path to Casey’s house by helicopter when he found the silvery glow of Ford Focus in the woods.

It’s still unclear how the car got to the woods, but Prime Minister Klimel said on Sunday that Casey may have had a hard time turning the curve.

According to preliminary research, Johnston crashed his car while driving on Wood Haven Road.

“She didn’t seem to negotiate the curve properly. She went down to Culvert, floated over the guardrail in the air and hit a tree about 30 feet in the air,” says Krimmel.

The discovery of the vehicle led to an additional search, and on Sunday a body matching Casey’s description was found approximately a mile away from the vehicle.

“During the search this afternoon, members of the Philadelphia Police Marine Unit found the body in 1200 blocks on Townsend Road, Philadelphia,” Klimel said.

Investigators said investigators believed that a rare tornado that occurred in the area on Thursday helped remove pieces of wood that could not be found during the initial search, Klimmel said. He added that the recent floods may have moved the body into the stream.

At this point, police are not suspected of cheating.

Philadelphia coroners perform autopsies to determine the identity of the corpse and the exact cause of death.

Casey’s story has been shared thousands of times on social media since it went missing on July 10.

“Many people are looking for her,” Chief Klimel told Dateline earlier. He expressed his condolences to his family, saying this was not the result they wanted.