Design choices to make your home look cheap

One of the home dealers’ most important goals is to sell real estate for as much as the market pays. To appeal to as wide a range of buyers as possible Seller and its agents Stage needs to be set: Repairs need to be done, furniture and decorations need to be edited and staged.

However, cheap renovation choices and sticky decorations can turn off potential buyers, otherwise good properties can slump in the market and eventually sell cheaper than they should. there is.

Even if a few clever buyers can spot the bad taste Most buyers have little imagination.. In addition, they quickly realize that redoing cheap (or weird) refurbishments in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms can be costly, time consuming, or both. Let’s do it.

Here are some renovation Decoration mistakes that can spoil the look and feel of your home and how to avoid them:

-Cut the wrong corner when refurbishing.

-Poor paint quality.

-Complimentary lighting.

-Skipping window processing.

-Wrong size rug.

-Maximum decoration while marketing the house.

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Cut the wrong corner when refurbishing

So far everyone Renovated the house As you know, the cost is quickly added and there is a price tag for every option, including subway tiles and imported marble slabs, white oak flooring and laminated wood, embedded lighting and railroad tracks. However, choosing cheaper options in advance may ultimately be the least cost-effective, especially when choosing materials.

“There are man-made products that can be used as alternative wood for moldings and other lumber around the house, such as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) composites, which are much cheaper than solid wood,” said the builder and real estate. Says Sam Brill. He is a developer in Pennsylvania and Florida and president of Classic Homes in South Florida. “But over time, due to changes in air humidity levels and the possibility of home leaks, these composites can quickly expand from moisture and then collapse. The homeowner’s first Savings can turn into expensive repairs and replacements in the future. MDF looks great, but you need to be vigilant. “

Dana Raines, Business Development Director, Highline Construction Group, New York City, said: MDF easily separates, warps and cracks when temperature and humidity fluctuate, especially in humid climates. Materials like plaster are durable, so clients should gush out from the beginning. With the cheaper MDF option, it’s only a matter of time before the contractor needs to return to repair a possible fracture. In the long run, clients will pay more for a series of service calls. “

Better doorknobs and drawer handles can convey a bespoke impression rather than a panacea when choosing corners to cut during refurbishment or decoration.Most buyers are drawn to homes where they appear to be thoughtfully refurbished and well-maintained, unless they are looking for them. Fixer-Upper..

“Good looking hardware is more important than you think,” says Melody Weir, president of Melody Weir Design in New York. “People install cheap curtain bars and drawer handles and you’ll see that. For example, when a little creativity and expense are assigned to the choice of cabinet hardware, the overall look of the kitchen is subtle, but noticeable. Some thoughts and attention were paid to the refurbishment. “

Poor paint quality

Bold colors It’s trending again, but these may not be optimal for resale. Bad painting work with bold colors can look even more shabby, especially around the edges. Light colors can make bad painting work more tolerant, and it is generally easier for potential buyers to imagine their furniture in a room with white walls than turquoise, eggplant, or salmon.

A home that feels clean and bright is easier to sell than a property painted in a very specific color. “The wall is the canvas of the house,” says Weir. “I like to use colors for furniture and cushions, but the walls should look fresh and clean. When painting in white, the most important thing is that they don’t contain blue. Creamy and cool. Reduce. “”

In addition, “builder-grade paints get older over time,” says Brill. “Upgrading to a higher quality paint will also make it more resistant to fingerprints, scratches and chips. It’s a great place to spend money on making these choices.”

Complimentary lighting

Good light is one of the top priorities that buyers list when they start searching for a home.If the house isn’t having a lot of fun Natural lightProper lighting of a dark room is much more important to enjoy life in space and to create an attractive atmosphere for potential buyers coming to the show.

Contrary to popular belief, overhead lighting is not the best way to illuminate a room. “Most people feel they need a lot of ceiling lighting,” says Francis Tumbakaris, owner and chief designer of Francis Interiors in New York. “But downlights shouldn’t be the only source of lighting in a space. There are many other ways to illuminate a home, creating a warmer, more elegant atmosphere.”

In addition to casting downward shadows, overhead lighting often lowers the ceiling to accommodate hi-hats in the 1980s and 1990s, which can lead to claustrophobia. It can be costly to get rid of a bad lighting plan, but fortunately, today’s downlights consist of smaller lights than in previous times. Familiar contractors can create smart embedded lighting plans around the edges of the ceiling, or along beams and rafters.

If a naturally dark property has only overhead lighting, the buyer may find the house depressed and uncomfortable, or as one seller mentioned the downstairs bedroom before installing additional lighting, “at the murder scene. It looks like you have it. “well experienced Real estate agent I know that adding a light source, especially a floor lamp that emits light towards the ceiling, can help with this. Conversely, poor lighting can make a room look cheap as well as depressing.

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Skipped window treatment

Sometimes people overlook the importance of window Treatment, leaving the home naked or underestimated. These don’t have to be expensive, but they should be installed carefully so they don’t look sticky.

“Custom window treatments are an investment, but proper window treatments have the power to transform and soften the room, accentuate beautiful windows, and serve practical purposes in terms of privacy and light control,” Wovn Home said. Founder Davida Ogilvie said. Online source for custom window treatments. “Most windows aren’t standard sizes. Being able to customize dimensions, fabrics, linings and other details is important for long-term creation of functional and beautiful designs,” says Ogilvie.

Toumbakaris adds: “Curtains can add elegance and soften the look of the house. The way to do this is not very expensive, but in most cases the curtains purchased in the store are not installed correctly. These are short. Too much, it looks sticky. Curtains should always caress the floor. If you’re looking for something simpler, choose romaji or roller shades instead of blinds. Blinds are cheap It tends to look “office-like”. “

Wrong size rug

As someone who has been shopping Rug I know, the options seem endless. Sure, you don’t need expensive rugs to make your room look good, but if you make a mistake in the rug, especially if it’s too small, it can spoil the overall look of the room. It can be difficult to worry about spending a lot of money on walking places, especially if you have children or pets at home, but size and proportion are often the most important.

As a rule of thumb, in the dining room, “when you sit with the dining chair off the table, make sure the rug is big enough so that the chair is always on top of the rug,” says Toumbakaris. “Otherwise, it’s too small, and small rugs can look awkward unless done well.”

Maximumist decoration during home marketing

The maximal decorations often featured in design magazines can be an eclectic celebration of colors, textures, art and fascinating objects. Hopefully it will be an eye candy and in the world of upholstery you can proudly express the personality of the homeowner.

Living in a beloved work of art or collection can bring joy to homeowners, Successful sale When the seller’s personality overwhelms the natural qualities of the property and makes it feel cluttered.

“Displaying too many collectible decorations will start to lose the individuality and value of each item,” says retired amateur decorator Harriet Brownstein.

Maximist aesthetics can be a real obstacle to collecting good offers, as today’s buyers are accustomed to seeing extensively staging and edited properties. “Over-decoration can be worse than under-decoration,” says Brownstein. “You have to carefully choose what you use to complement your home. Even if all the pieces are expensive and visually interesting, that’s too much.”

“Sometimes people get hooked on too heavy drapes and too busy wallpapers,” Weir says. “If you have too much visual stimulus and don’t know where to look first, how can you focus on your home space and bones?”

If you like what you have, consider keeping your collection as a constantly changing display at home. “Serious art collectors often rotate their work, exhibit some and store others,” says Brownstein. “None of them are important because they don’t break the wall with too much art or too much chalk in the mantelpiece. It’s sticky.”

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Today’s agents and stagers focus on minimizing clutter and depersonalization, so buyers can imagine their own and the next chapter in life at home.

If you are a buyer, please note that all sticky decorations are left to the seller. If you can see through bad painting work, depressed lighting Botanist jungle Or hoarding turmoil, you are already off to a good start.

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