Despair and confused DeSantis evolve into dam troll

Paul Hennessy / Getty

Paul Hennessy / Getty

At this point I hardly know if I see Ron DeSantis Despise or sympathy.

On the one hand, he is a terrible governor and fails in the colors flying his leadership course.Driven only by politics and naked ambition, he Pursue a reckless policy to divide Floridian And they may endanger them.Good example: Governor’s plan to challenge in court of the Biden administration New Vaccine Regulations for Private Enterprises with Over 100 Employees, Will come into effect on January 4th.

It’s not just federal obligations and possible overkills. Governor’s new surgeon genusL, who heads the state’s Ministry of Health, responded to his boss by providing anecdotes and evoking conspiracy theories that questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine itself. Doctors even claimed that what was really “bad for health” was not to refuse the vaccine, but to dismiss those who refused to take it. What happened to “First, do no harm”?

And it’s not just COVID-19. DeSantis is also distracted by federal issues such as immigration and often neglects responsibility in Tallahassee. DeSantis has declared Florida a border state and opposes President Biden’s immigration policy with the power expected of the Governor of Texas and the Governor of Arizona.

Texas is invaded by Republican governor

Finally, like the wacky state he leads, DeSantis is like a “crazy story” factory. Every few days, there are new stories about Desantis’ latest antiques and half-hearted policy initiatives. He’s always striving for the spotlight, hoping for a reserved seat on the Republican Express from Crazy Town to the White House in 2024.

Some of the things that get attention are comical, and many are crude. Many of them also appear to be reflexive, just as the governor is a puppet and his own ambitions are pulling strings. DeSantis is not leading. He continues.

During a speech at West Palm Beach on Wednesday, DeSantis laughed after exciting a large number of supporters when he called President Joe Biden’s administration the “Brandon administration.” The crowd joked. I started chanting “Let’s go Brandon”, the phrase that became the right-wing chord of “Fuck Joe Biden”.

Still, with that said, you almost have to feel sorry for him. DeSantis is clearly anxious to become president, so he’s wandering crazy in many ways as he tries to stay in the crazy grace of the Republican Party ahead of next year’s reelection. Almost every day, DeSantis are being pressured by right-wing vandalism to rush further towards them. It’s hard to know if the troll wants to support him or if they’re just tinkering with him to train his muscles.

The governor agrees with the unwavering belief that he should sit in the Oval Office, as he clearly has no core belief.

DeSantis: I’m too busy fighting critical race theory to run for president

And this is all the misery. Trolls are not happy. They just keep moving the markers, demanding more and more moans and loyalty not only from DeSantis, but also from the officials elected in the establishment of the Republican Party. For them, it’s just power play.

Troll du Jules is Roger Stone. Roger Stone would now be wearing an orange jumpsuit if there was justice in the world.Former Trump adviser and political strategist Convicted of seven felony charges in 2019 Related to the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s intervention in the 2016 elections. Violations include five false statements made to FBI and parliamentary agents, one tampering with witnesses, and one obstruction of justice.His sentence was commuted by Trump July 2020.. It’s nice to have friends in the low places.

Stone is now demanding that DeSantis conduct an audit of the 2020 elections in a state serving Trump’s big lie — the race has been stolen.

Stone wrote to thousands of followers on social media: Yalie ass goodbye # Defend Florida. “

Let’s talk a bit about that “arrogant Yarry’s ass” reference. It’s worth remembering how DeSantis climbed so high in the Republican circle and so fast. For one thing, he has administrative experience in 2024 when many of his possible Republican opponents are likely to be one-dimensional US Senators who can’t say the same thing. That is harmless. See also: Ted Cruz, Texas, Tom Cotton, Arkansas, Josh Hawley, Missouri.

The other is that the governor has a gold-plated resume. This includes legislative experience from parliamentary missions, degrees at Yale University and Harvard Law School, and military service as a former Deputy Commander of the Navy. Despite the sniper from a low life like Stone, it’s a pretty good record.

And ironically, DeSantis is gambling on the right-wing larch with the same product, “respect.” It is respected that he is in danger of getting closer and losing to the radical fringes. This is high stakes poker. If you don’t play the cards correctly, you can easily drop out of the 2024 Republican presidential candidate’s leaderboard and become another freak at the ever-expanding Republican freak show.

This will be a major setback for Republicans, the number one presidential candidate “OTT” in 2024, and for DeSantis, where OTT means “other than Trump.” If Trump is run again, it can happen often, and it goes off for most of the rest of the Republican territory. This could include Desantis drawn from the well of the same voters as Trump. But if Trump runs in 2024, Desantis could become a Republican front runner.If From now on, he can keep his reputation and his wisdom about him intact.

That’s why DeSantis is stuck. If he violates his crazy rights, he loses. If he doesn’t, he loses. He is a reminder of what happens when elected officials are led by voters. Not the other way around.

As the whole world knows, Democrats had a very tough week. They are still shocked by the bangs they got in the Virginia Governor’s race and the close call in the Governor’s race in the deep blue New Jersey. Democratic leaders are worried about the possibility of leading the next presidential election, not just in the middle of 2022, but looking further ahead.

One of the good news for the Democrats is that by then he may not be a threat to anyone but himself, as the Governor of Florida is so endangered and entangled in his knot.

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