Despite Delta, Canada welcomes fully Vaxxed U.S. citizens and permanent residents

Washington-Canada has re-permitted US citizens and permanent residents to return if they have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

After a long 17-month period, the ban on non-mandatory travel across the Canadian-US border is finally midnight, even though Americans have not yet lifted their own restrictions on Canadian travelers. Was relaxed.

Eligible visitors must be resident in the United States and have been 14 days old after receiving a full course of vaccines approved by Health Canada.

You will also need to show proof that your COVID-19 molecular test is negative within 72 hours and upload your vaccination details using the ArriveCAN app or the online web portal.

Fully vaccinated travelers who have recovered from their illness and are eligible to enter Canada can show evidence of a positive molecular test performed between 14 and 90 days before crossing the border. ..

Dennis Vignette, vice president of the Canada Border Services Agency’s Travels Branch, said last month when fully vaccinated Canadian citizens were allowed to return home under similar conditions, the agency did a lot. Say you learned.

Vignette says he had to reject about half in the first week because he hadn’t received one of the four vaccines approved by Health Canada or hadn’t waited 14 days since the last injection. increase.

Canada has approved four vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Modana, Oxford-AstraZeneca Shot (also known as Covishield), and a single-dose Johnson & Johnson option.All but AstraZeneca approved and widely deployed in the United States

As part of that, the United States has shut down when it may begin to relax its own restrictions on non-essential Canadian travelers by land. Airplane and sea travelers are exempt, but rail, ferry and pleasure boat passengers are not.

The White House said last week that it was investigating whether it would require foreign discretionary visitors to be fully vaccinated when it was time to relax the restrictions, but the debate was especially for Canadian travelers. It is unknown whether or not it contains.

The labor dispute between the federal government and the Canadian border guard was quickly resolved last week, alleviating the fear of significant delays. However, according to Vignette, the screening process is still time consuming, and travelers may have to wait a little longer before passing through customs.

“We are just patiently asking people.”

The federal government is currently planning to allow vaccinated visitors from outside the United States to return to Canada for non-essential reasons as of September 7.

James McCurtain

Canadian press