Despite the $ 226,000 payment, LR5’s chairman of the board said Melton was forced to resign.

Lexington-Richland 5 Board of Education chairman said Christina Melton, who retired earlier this week, was not deported, but left at her own will.

Chairman Jan Hammond told the state that Melton was “loved and respected by many board members” after a board meeting on Monday. That was her decision. “

Hammond didn’t elaborate further.

Hammond, a state reporter tells her The New Irmo News Article The press said Hammond was considering Melton’s resignation for a month, and said she would have had enough votes to stay if Melton wanted to stay as a director.

Melton, who has spoken little publicly since his sudden resignation, does not say the board has kicked her out.However, retiring members of the board of education Ed White said some board members created a “hostile and abusive work environment.” It kicked out Melton. White resigned in protest for Melton’s resignation.

I couldn’t ask Melton for comment.

Lexington-Richland 5 paid Melton an annual salary of $ 226,368., As part of a settlement agreement approved by the private part of the Board of Education, known as the Executive Session.

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