Despite the challenges, you can “achieve more” as an independent MP: Sloan

Derek Sloan says there are pros and cons to becoming an independent MP, but overall, he has achieved far more independent positions than when he was a member of a political party.

“We were able to vote against a particular law that no one else wanted. At the House of Commons, we were able to ask questions about a subject that no one else wanted,” Sloan said. I told the Epoch Times. “And when I say us, I mean myself and some of my staff.”

He said his independence allowed him to speak out against the blockade of COVID-19. Call out to medical whistleblowers Different views on the treatment of COVID, alerting social media censorship, and fines for those who participated in the protest against lockdown, even though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was able to participate in the Black Lives Matter protest last year. I am skeptical about the reason for the imposition.

“This is the type I could never have been a member of a party,” he said.

Sloan was banished from the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) on January 20, last year, for accepting a small donation during a leadership campaign from a well-known white supremacist. Party leader Erin O’Toole said Sloan was also removed because of a “destructive pattern of behavior,” but Sloan accused O’Toole of “entering the battlefield to expel me from the CPC Caucus.”

He decided to sit independently and remain a conservative Canadian voice.

However, Mr. Sloan says there are challenges even if he is not a member of the party.

“You don’t have the resources for a party, so in the sense of investigating your bill, you need to be a kind of your own little party,” he says. “Also, you are generally unfamiliar with the discussions taking place behind the scenes with major political parties.”

Moreover, it is not easy to have enough time for a long speech in the house. “It’s difficult to get a slot that actually speaks for 10 minutes on the bill, because there is only one slot for an independent person.”

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On January 2, 2020, protesters against the blockade will meet at Dundas Square in Toronto. (Freedom Forum Canada / Chuck Black)

Among the many pressing issues facing Canada, Sloan states that one of the most important issues at present is the lack of federal transparency on certain aspects of responding to a pandemic. ..

“For many things related to COVID, we see major censorship issues, major government transparency issues,” he said. He said that if bills C-10 and C-36, respectively, two controversial bills aimed at regulating Internet streaming services and fighting online hate speech, were passed, “in the hands of the government. Give more and more censorship rights. ” Bill C-10 passed the House of Representatives on June 21, and is currently in front of the Senate, and Bill C-36 was submitted to the House of Representatives on June 23.

Other notable bills that have a major impact on Canadians, according to Sloan, are Bill C-6 (prohibition of conversion therapy), Bill C-7 (assisted suicide), and Bill C-12 (net zero emissions). , Bill C-19. (Mail ballot), Bill C-21 (Prohibition of Specific Firearms), and Bill C-22 abolish mandatory minimum penalties for all drug and specific gun crimes.

“This is very strange and the logic used in many of these bills,” Sloan said, saying the Canadians “woke up, used more discernment, and told politicians. He added that he needed to “request better.”

“This is another kind of government, a government that is passing legislation that has a very free impact. They have been spending money by passing their fists, perhaps this spending we are just beginning to discover. There are all sorts of conflicts of interest with, “he said.

Two other major problems facing Canadians are the spread of neo-Marxist idealism, which is “crossover, identity politics, and others that create many different classes of people in opposition to each other.” And produce a “climate warning”. This has a negative impact on Canada’s oil and manufacturing industries.

“There are many ways to manage the environment well without destroying our major industry or letting other big polluters like China, India and elsewhere ride for free,” he says. I did.

Regarding the upcoming elections that may take place this fall, Mr Sloan said he had “not yet decided” whether to join another party, but he will probably run independently.

“It’s always difficult to be elected as an independent …. I’m not sure, but I think my chances are good. There’s a lot of support in riding.”

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