Despite the “complex problems” caused by sanctions, the North Korean regime increases spending

According to state media, the North Korean government has vowed to increase its epidemic prevention and defense capacity budget, despite the so-called “sustainable sanctions of hostile forces” and the “complex problems” caused by the coronavirus outbreak. rice field.

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state media, the national budget was announced at a two-day meeting of the administration’s highest political groups, which began on Sunday. North Korean Communist Party chief Kim Jong Un did not attend the meeting.

According to the administration’s mouthpiece, the rubber stamp legislature has passed a plan to increase the budget for emergency epidemic prevention by 33.3 percent compared to last year.

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Tok-hun, who is in charge of the economySaid Urgent epidemic prevention is paramount at the meeting.

North Korea has closed its borders and imposed a strict travel ban, even though the government has not confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The head of the administration has ordered authorities to strengthen their military power and develop “high-tech weapons,” emphasizing urgent campaigns against pandemics and emphasizing incompetence and loopholes.

KCNA Claim Last year, the administration spent 15.9 percent of its national budget on nuclear weapons programs. This is the same amount used for this year’s defense budget.

“Last year, due to persistent sanctions by hostile forces and the global health crisis, the economic construction sector faced more difficult and complex problems than expected,” KCNA quoted Kim.

South Korea estimates that trade with North Korea’s largest trading partner and economic pipeline, China, will be about in 2020, before it plunges back to two-thirds in the first nine months of last year. Reduced by 80%.

North Korea’s economy has suffered a major recession over the past two years due to pandemic border closures, sustained UN sanctions, and the effects of natural disasters.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration imposed new sanctions on six North Koreans to procure goods from Russia and China for North Korea’s weapons program, an action following North Korea’s series of missile launches. did.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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