Despite the pandemic, the treasure chest of the padding campaign war, States parties rake in millions of donations

Ottawa — The federal party seems to have seen a decline in funding in 2020, when the pandemic dented donations of all kinds and forced the party to rethink some of its traditional funding tools.

The Conservative return shows that the party raised more than $ 20.6 million in 2020 from nearly 91,000 donors. This is down from more than $ 30.8 million donated by about 124,000 people a year ago.

Party spokesman Cory Hann said the party would be 450 by the end of the year, despite the difficulties COVID-19 presented to raise money a year after running a deficit of nearly $ 7 million in the 2019 elections. He says he continued to make a surplus of nearly $ 10,000.

“As Erin O’Toole said, he intends to relentlessly focus on getting Canada’s finances back on track, and he leads the party to the same strong financial position he brings our country. By setting the example for Canadians to see directly, “Han said in a statement.

The ruling Liberal Party raised just under $ 15 million in 2020 from 64,541 donors. This is a minority mission of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.

The party also posted a surplus of over $ 3.8 million a year after it posted a $ 1 million deficit.

“Backed by strong (fourth quarter) grassroots funding performance and careful management, the party currently holds the highest net worth position since 2014. This is a grassroots movement effort in Canada. It’s a testament to empowering everything we can to keep things moving. We’re moving forward, “said party spokesman Matteo Rossi.

Bloc Québécois raised nearly $ 1.6 million last year from more than 10,100 donors. This is a slight decrease from $ 1.8 million from nearly 12,600 donors last year.

The party also posted a surplus of nearly $ 107,000 last year. This helped fill the party’s earnings as it was less than the $ 512,000 surplus in 2019 and is preparing to run a candidate slate only in Quebec.

Party spokesman Julien Coulombe-Bonnafous said the numbers indicate that Brock is in good financial condition, has no debt, and has enough money to carry out his next federal campaign.

“This year has been a record year in terms of popular funding for Brock, despite the pandemic,” he said. “We thank our members and are proud to be the only federal party that did not take advantage of wage subsidies.”

Greens has suggested that numbers may be available next week, but New Democrats and Greens returns are not yet available.

The parties have also finalized the amount of donations for the second quarter of 2021, which ended on June 30.

It’s not uncommon to see funding decline the year after an election in which political parties mobilize and donate supporters in anticipation of having to spend millions of dollars on national and local campaigns.

However, the annual report submitted to the Canadian Election Administration provides a window for parties to know how much stock they have if Trudeau unplugs his government and calls for elections.

Trudeau has not ruled out a kickstart in the election campaign after his minority government easily passed a vote of no confidence in the budget at the House of Commons last month.

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