Despite the rule changes, some Portuguese passengers are still planning their trips

Portuguese Praia Darth beach man

Portuguese Praia Darth beach man

Half of the passengers who booked a trip to Portugal in Tui this month continue their trip, even though the country has moved to the amber list.

Tui said he did not schedule additional flights to bring vacationers home prior to Tuesday’s change.

The travel agency currently has about 8,000 UK visitors to Portugal, but many will return at the end of the half year, so it will drop to 2,000 after Sunday.

Both British Airways and easyJet operate additional flights.

“We are increasing the number of flights from Portugal to assist customers wishing to return to the UK before moving to the amber list at 04:00 on Tuesday, June 8th,” BA said.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we arranged three additional flights from the tourist hotspot Faro.

Meanwhile, Easyjet added seats from Portugal to the UK on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Over 1,000 additional seats have been added by operating larger aircraft and adding additional flights on the route from Faro to London Gatwick, London Luton, Bristol and Manchester.

EasyJet CEO Johan Lundgren said, “Because of the large number of British tourists in Portugal today, it is our priority to help customers who need to return home before the Tuesday deadline. It is a matter.

Ryanair’s president, Michael O’Leary, said the decision to add Portugal to the amber list was “not based on science or public health,” and accused the government of making policies “in progress.”

“What we don’t understand is why the UK, which is successful with vaccines, expects vaccinated citizens to travel to Portugal and return to quarantine,” he told BBC Breakfast. Told.

O’Leary said the decision was “more blunders on the recovery of the new coronavirus” and caused “unnecessary confusion and stress for hundreds of thousands of British families.”

Holidays are delayed

Low-cost carrier Jet2 has postponed flight and holiday reopening schedules from June 24th to July 1st following a government change in the travel list announced Thursday.

Turkey is on the Red List and will wait until July 22 to resume flights and vacations.

“We recognize that our flights and packaging holidays have huge deferred demand,” said Steve Heapy, CEO of Jet2. “Our customers only have the long-awaited vacation. I want. “

He called for “openness and transparency” of coronavirus data so that travelers and the travel industry could better understand the decisions being made.

“I agree that public health must be a top priority, but despite all the evidence and data that travel can be safely and extensively resumed, the UK has opened up other parts of Europe. While continuing to maintain most of the foundation. “

John Holland Kay, president of Heathrow Airport, has accused the government of “guaranteeing another lost summer for the travel industry.”