Despite the spring break mayhem, Florida remains one of the top dream vacation destinations

After a year of pandemics and increased availability of vaccines, Americans are ready to travel. And many of them — surprises! — I want to travel to Florida.

New survey by travel website Concur TripIt 94% of Americans are planning a vacation in 2021 and show that Florida is one of the top bucket list destinations in the United States

Here in Miami, I’m a little tired, but I’m not surprised by this information. Despite COVID-19, two-thirds of New York has been packed with highways and restaurants for months, telling us how good highways and restaurants are. Many of their restaurants seem to be moving here).

In addition to its unwelcome herds, there was a spring breaker crash that confused the locals by cramming South Beach, playing its new hip-hop, and occasionally performing car twerking.They told us that any number of people would like to come here Pepper balls we shoot them, Number of bridges shut down or How fast is the curfew.. We literally can’t get rid of tourists. They can make fun of us as much as they want, but they can’t quit us.

Still, summer is approaching, so I hoped the turmoil would end. Obviously not, according to TripIt. According to a survey, Hawaii is different. Florida, one of America’s dream destinations, is different. Two on the national bucket list.

This waterfront Florida Keys Spot has been named the best family resort in the United States.

If you’re lucky, everyone will go to Disney World. But the Florida Keys are also a powerful attraction. In January, Tripadvisor reported among users: Key West was one of the most popular destinations in the United States TripAdvisor users too St. Pete Beach as the best beach in the country, Despite the apparent lack of car twerking.

Other top dream destinations in the United States are Arizona (No. 3, Grand Canyon), Colorado and California (connected by No. 4).

But Europe is different when potential travelers take into account the rest of the world. One destination where Italy, Greece, France, Spain and Scotland are the countries of greatest interest. Excuse me, Lithuania.

TripIt surveyed more than 3,200 US-based users for their 2021 travel plans to get results.

This luxurious waterfront spot near Miami is one of the best resorts in the United States.