Detective details multiple cases against Lexington’s man charged with murdering Almnai Drive

In a court hearing Thursday morning, two detectives and a prison employee were accused of shooting and killing a 26-year-old man who had already wanted to amputate his ankle monitor during the conditional release of another criminal. When discussing various charges against a man.

According to police, Juanyah J. Clay, 19, was arrested in March and charged with murder for the death of 26-year-old Bryan Greene.

Green’s body was found Lexington police detective Jeremy Atkins testified at a preliminary hearing Thursday after someone found a large amount of blood outside the 2800 Alumni Drive apartment on the night of January 30. When police entered the apartment, they found Green dead with what looked like multiple gunshot wounds.

According to Atkins, the bedroom at the back of the apartment also had one 9mm cartridge case and seven 0.45 caliber cartridge cases, the room where the shooting took place. After discussing with witnesses, police identified Clay as a possible suspect.

Then, on February 18, police officers were called into the Radcrifrode and Hagard Lane areas to report someone trying the door handle. Police caught up with the person at a marathon gas station on North Broadway and found him carrying a .45.45 caliber pistol, according to Atkins. The person told police that he was a boy named Demarcus Rashad Clay and wanted to talk to his guardian.

According to Atkins, police eventually talked to a woman who confirmed she was the boy’s guardian, and police released him to what appeared to be his guardian. Atkins was then informed that the .45 caliber taken from the “boy” matched the shell casing found in the alumni drive apartment where Green was murdered. Investigators also learned that there was no record of a boy named Demarcus Rashad Clay in Fayette County.

Later, when police spoke to a woman who said she was the guardian of DeMarcus Rashad Clay, she admitted that she had lied and that she was actually an adult Juanya Clay. , Atkins testified..Then a warrant was issued Juanya Clay was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Clay was arrested on March 30 Lexington police detective Keith McKinney testified at a hotel in E. Raleigh Lane. According to McKinney, he was wearing a small bill for $ 1,020, three hidden guns and an unknown pill, and found a digital scale and marijuana in the room he left. In addition to murder, Clay faces two crimes of drug trafficking and one of the deadly weapon concealment.

After his arrest, Clay admitted to Atkins that he had shot the green, Atkins testified. Clay also said that there was another person at the time of Green’s death, who died thereafter.Atkins did not testify about how the person died, but he named him Markel Allen, The name of a 17-year-old who was shot dead in Lexington on February 17. The case is still under investigation.

According to court records, at the time of Green’s death, Clay had an arrest warrant for violating the terms of his release because he was waiting for another robbery trial. Employees of the Fayette County Detention Center testified Thursday that Clay was placed on the ankle monitor in May 2020. Prison employees testified that he had been accused of amputating his ankle monitor in June 2020 and throwing it out of Lexington’s car window.

Clay’s lawyer, J. Parker Ming Xi said at a hearing Thursday that shooting was likely to claim to be self-defense, but admitted that it would be a trial debate rather than a presumed cause hearing.

Fayette County District Judge John L. Tuckett found that there was good reason to prosecute all charges against Clay in a grand jury. If indicted, Clay’s proceedings are transferred to the Fayette County Circuit Court in preparation for the trial.

Tucket did not weaken Clay’s bond. Due to the severity of the accusation against him and the fact that he had previously been accused of amputating his ankle monitor.