Detectives say a fourth-year Florida teacher was charged with recruiting a two-year-old child

An elementary school teacher in Palm Beach County was charged with recruiting a two-year-old child. Detectives believe that more children may have been killed.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, 27-year-old Xavier Alexander was arrested Thursday and charged with recruiting minors and traveling to meet them.

Alexander is a 4th grade teacher at Grove Park Elementary School. He is also a babysitter on the website and other nanny websites.

Alexander states in the about section of the page that he has been working with children for over 10 years at schools, the Ministry of Children and Kids Clubs. He was active in caring for up to three children between the ages of seven months and seven years and older.

The detective was uncertain as to why Alexander recruited a two-year-old child. But they believe there may be more casualties.

Those who believe that their child may be a victim of minor recruitment are advised to contact Detective Mallory Wildove (561-688-4079 or [email protected]). I will. People can also call the crime stopper at 1-800-458-8477.

According to Florida Department of Education records, Alexander had not taken any disciplinary action regarding his education license.

Earlier versions of this story listed Alexander’s inaccurate historical accusations.