Developers logging the majestic old trees in Fort Worth must face stricter penalties

New trees are not the same

After witnessing the genocide of the primeval forest along Brian Irvine Road, I called the city and requested a copy of the guidelines for urban forestry.

I was horrified to find that if a developer planted a few small trees or paid a fine of $ 200 to $ 500, the ban on logging 100-year-old protected trees could be ignored. .. How can it discourage developers standing to make millions?

Just as it is illegal to dismiss long-time employees shortly before the company retires, developers cut down majestic trees that have stood for decades and shade, oxygen, and inhabit wildlife. Providing land should be illegal.

–Sharon Austry, Fort worth

A conscious decision?

I recently read on Star Telegram that Fort Worth is turning off the lights of downtown skyscrapers to reduce migratory bird deaths. (March 19, 1A, “Fort Worth worth turning off the lights of the building to help the birds”) I don’t know if that will work. Some migratory birds mate for life. There is no divorce in the bird community. That may be the real reason they collide with the building.

-Hugh W. Savage Jr., Fort worth

It ’s not a property tax hike.

Northwest ISD is one of Texas’s fastest growing school districts. On May 1, voters will have the opportunity to invigorate the economic engines of northern Fort Worth and the Alliance region with employment growth and excellent schools. All four bond proposals ensure that the school district sells bonds to fund the construction of safe and equitable schools and athletic facilities and provides educational skills to students like my son and his friends. Make it possible.

Despite the poor state legislature’s decision to demand confusing ballot wording, approval does not raise the property tax rate for residents. We hope that local stakeholders will have the sympathy that they want their children to prosper.

-Joe Washam, Justin

Tough, in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden must be praised for his bold decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. He runs the great risk that things will get worse before things get better. But unlike his predecessor, he chose not to kick the can.

This American social engineering project in one of the poorest countries in the world was misunderstood and went in the wrong direction. The idea of ​​sacrificing $ 2 trillion, 2,000 American soldiers, and 150,000 Afghans to taxpayers has failed.

The United States no longer has a national interest at stake in Afghanistan. The war had to end someday, and Biden had the courage to unplug it.

-Hadi Javad, Irving

Anzade has a vision

The Texas Electric Reliability Council is again calling on residents to save energy to prevent power outages, and has not reached the peak heat of summer. (April 14, 8A, “ERCOT calls on Texas to save electricity in rising demand.”) That’s how Fort Worth’s next mayor responds to a potential catastrophic outage. Emphasizes the importance of preparing the city and its infrastructure.

Looking only at the candidate’s experience, Anne Zade is both a city planner and a city council member. If we’ve learned something lately, ERCOT is certainly unreliable, and the state government is unreliable. The burden of surviving storms and heat waves rests with the mayor. Anne has a better and stronger Fort Worth experience and vision.

-Erin Parks, Fort worth

Brian Bird Civil Servant

We are very proud to support and vote for Mayor Brian Bird. Bird has the personality, vision, leadership skills and strategic platform to take our city to a new level of greatness. Bird will build a stronger infrastructure, develop a vibrant business community, reduce property taxes and create a stronger and safer place for all Fort Worth people to live.

He is a man of faith with a compassionate heart. He has proven to be a true servant leader in our community and strives tirelessly for all residents.

-Chuck Bernal, Fort worth

What guides us in Hurst

For 48 years as a resident of Hurst, we have seen why this city is such a wonderful city. I would recommend re-election of John Mackenzie and David Bouer to the Hurst City Council. They are conscientious and worthwhile. We also recommend John Miller, a diligent and valuable councilor. We need to keep people working hard for all the residents of Hurst.

-Gerald Greaser, Hearst