Devin Nunes simply understood what Republicans really care about


Devin Nunes.

Devin Nunes. Illustrated | Getty Images, iStock

California State Legislature Devin Nunes decides not to run for reelection To the head Former President Donald Trump’s new social media venture is a perfect summary of the Republican state. This only makes sense in situations where Twitter and talk show provocatives, such as Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican), who have been stripped of all Commission duties, are better known than the Republican rankings. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (Republican).

Nunez will chair the Houseways and Means Commission after a Republican-backed election, and adding the adjective “powerful” to the Tax Commission is the house of virtually all political publications. The style. This is a very coveted chair. But it is no longer the main road to power and influence in today’s Republicans.

Five years after nominating a reality show star with no political experience other than writing a check on a U.S. presidential candidate and winning the White House with that candidate, Republicans reported on cable news and social media. I listened to the loudest voice. This is a trend that has been built over the years when Rush Limbaugh became more influential than the median Republican senator, and is now an unmistakable reality.

Grassroots conservatives feel alienated in popular culture. Regardless of the amount of content they share on Twitter or Facebook, if it really matters, for example, if we could discuss Hunter Biden’s dubious commerce a few weeks before the presidential election, they could do what they could. I know. shut down. They are angry about it. They want leaders to do something to remedy it.

Conservative anger in this regard is justified. But the response was to retreat further into their own echo chambers and encourage angry protests that seemed of little help in resolving their complaints, but they certainly feel good. ..

Perhaps the ventures led by Nunes will be different. He has no relevant experience, but is a knowledgeable and conservative media operator who has risen to new heights under Trump. Still, this moment is the perfect encapsulation of a party that is more interested in sounding off at Big Tech than big government.

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