DFW Airport conducts on-site COVID testing just before flight

Airplane travelers can now undergo COVID testing DFW Airport grounds, Just before the flight.

The airport, co-owned by the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, is partnered with travel agency Collinson to provide services.He tests at two sites in Terminal D. — One is the non-fixed side of the terminal near Gate D22 and the other is the fixed side near Gate D7.

“We know how fast and reliable testing is important to many customers as more travelers return to the airport,” said Ken Buchanan, Executive Vice President of DFW. ” That’s why we’re teaming up with Collinson to open these new facilities. We want to make our passenger journey as seamless and convenient as possible. It includes how easy it is to get and get. Collinson guarantees that all tests are performed under the supervision of a medical professional for the safest and most accurate results. “

Test costs range from $ 79 to $ 249, depending on the type of test selected. Offerings include pre-departure PCR testing, pre-departure antigen testing, and pre-departure antibody testing. Collinson website..

Results can be obtained in as little as 60 minutes, depending on the type of test.

Participants who fail the test will be provided with a digital certificate that can be presented upon request upon arrival at the destination. The test center is open to international and domestic travelers, as well as flight crews and other airline and airport employees.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Airport test center will create 200 new jobs in the area, Collinson officials said. The facility can process approximately 1,000 COVID tests per day.

“We launched the UK’s first COVID-19 airport test facility last summer and have inspected hundreds of thousands of passengers around the world since then,” said David Evans, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Collinson. Stated in a statement.

The test center provides travelers with easy access to popular summer destinations such as the Alba, Bahamas and Jamaica, as well as countries such as Japan and Germany that require pre-departure testing for those wishing to enter the country.

“The new DFW airport facility meets the demand for airport testing facilities around the world that are starting to break out of various blockages,” he said. “We work with airports, airlines and local governments to provide travelers with a convenient and cost-effective option to take tests before departure.”

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