“Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” will open beta beta on August 21


Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth

Blizzard Entertainment

“Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth”, which has been confirmed to land on PC and console platforms this year, is now finally set beta testtime. We have pre-ordered “Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One from 1:00 AM on August 14th to 1:00 AM on August 18th. Or “Diablo Prime Evil Collection” (Diablo Prime Evil Collection) players can be the first to test and experience this remake of the game. The public beta will be conducted from 1 am on the 21st to 1 am on the 24th, and the preload will be opened on the 19th.

In this beta test, players can play Amazon, Barbarian, Druid, Paladin, and Mage five professions, and the play content covers the first two acts of the work. During the game, you can connect with up to 8 other players. This test also supports cross-platform game progress sharing, but it should be noted that the round of closed beta progress starting on the 14th can only be synchronized to the pre-ordered platform version . In addition, the closed beta progress can also be inherited to the open beta, and the game can also choose traditional Chinese. PS players do not need PS Plus members to participate in the test, but Xbox players must have gold members.

Regrettably, Nintendo Switch has not been included in this beta test. I wonder if Blizzard will arrange a separate plan before the game is officially released on September 23.