Dick Durbin is directly experiencing Chicago gun violence.Lightfoot urged to declare a “public security emergency”

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois said on Friday that he was recently up to date. Democratic Party Experience too close and uncomfortable City crime..

The trial of a 76-year-old senator last weekend prompted former president’s former chief adviser David Axelrod. Barack Obama,call Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has declared a “public security emergency” in America’s third-largest city.

“Last Saturday night,” Durbin told reporters.

Suddenly, “there was a popping sound,” Durbin recalled. According to WBBM-TV in Chicago.. “I didn’t know what it was. The car driver said,’This is a gunshot.’ It turned out to be the car next to us.

Chicago-Area Boy, 8, killed outside home on drive-by shooting

“driver [of the other car] “I was leaning out of the window and shooting into the air,” the senator went on to say.

“Sadly, that happens too often,” he added.

Durbin and his wife were unharmed. However, Senator’s experience has been more than two months since Barbara Boxer, a former Democratic colleague and former US Senator, was attacked in Oakland, California and robbed of her cell phone.

In that case, an 80-year-old boxer was pushed back when an assailant grabbed her phone and jumped into a waiting car, a social media post from her office. Said at that time..

Chicago police officers have been shot many times, she says she’s okay: “I’ll be back soon”

In response to Durbin’s story, former Obama adviser David Axelrod said Chicago Mayor Lightfoot should consider doing “what the mayor doesn’t want to do,” according to Chicago’s FOX32.

Axelrod said Wrightfoot needs to admit that Chicago’s gun violence issue is “more than the city government can deal with here,” and is effective in shooting before seeking reelection in 2023. He suggested that voters could blame the mayor if he didn’t deal with it.

He advised Lightfoot to form partnerships with local businesses, hire more detectives, and encourage more citizens to come forward as witnesses to help reduce crime, FOX32 was reported..

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot will speak in Chicago on July 23, 2020. Reuters

“We need to do everything at the same time, not just one idea,” says Axelrod.

According to FBI statistics, Chicago’s killings increased by 56% in 2020, and more people were killed this year, Axelrod told FOX32.

In late September, Lightfoot announced a $ 16 billion city budget plan calling for police spending to increase from $ 1.7 billion this year to $ 1.9 billion. Reported by the Chicago Tribune..

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