Did Fox cancel Dobbs to hide Murdoch’s relationship with China?



Newsmax continued a largely unilateral feud with Fox News on Thursday night, as host Grant Stinchfield speculated: Longtime Fox star Lou Dubs It was put on the bench by the network to hide its close ties and deals with China.

“Fox News continues to disappoint conservatives across the United States. I’d like to know, why can Fox News be Lou Dobbs?” Stinchfield asked rhetorically Thursday night.

Dobbs’ long-standing and acclaimed Fox Business Show Suddenly canceled in early FebruaryThe day after, hosted by Dobbs and another voting software company named Fox Host, in a $ 2.7 billion defamation proceeding against the network. Fox’s most noisy boost to former President Donald Trump’s refusal to vote and fraudulent voting lies hasn’t appeared on Fox’s show since the show was cancelled. As part of that, the network said the end of the show was due to “planned changes.”

But Stinchfield suggests that Dobbs’ hawkish attitude towards China and enthusiastic support for Trump’s foreign policy stance are the real reasons why ultra-conservative hosts are no longer on Fox’s radio waves. did.

“I have come to the conclusion that Fox News no longer supports President Trump’s American First Principles, which is why they couldn’t stand Lou Dobbs in their air,” he said. Told.

“Maybe it’s even more ominous for Fox News to expel Dobbs from the network,” Stinchfield continued. “Maybe it’s about China. Murdoch’s investment and business are tied to that fraudulent country, maybe that’s what this is.”

Prime Time Newsmax’s host explained his theory and finally raised the fact that Murdoch’s third wife (who subsequently divorced) was “Mainland China”, “Murdock’s. Own The Wall Street Journal Raised a question, Is she a Chinese spy? “She is well known for managing elite connections in China.”

“It’s well known that Murdoch has spent decades trying to take advantage of the Chinese media market,” he said.

“Maybe this is why Fox News couldn’t allow Lou Dobbs to do this,” Stinchfield concludes and casts on a montage of Dobbs destroying China.

This isn’t the first time Newsmax has tried to use Fox’s Dobbs cancellation to appeal to a conservative viewer.Newsmax Anchor Rob Finaly a few days after Protrump Fox Host’s Benching Suggested that Dobbs was abandoned because he supported Trump While mocking Fox’s then struggling evaluation.

A fledgling right-wing channel that openly accepts election denialism It was easy to see the reputation soar after the 2020 elections As it was openly courted Dissatisfied Trump supporters I was angry with Fox News, which acknowledged President Joe Biden’s victory. However, after Biden took office, Newsmax has seen its reputation collapse, And Fox News insiders once again see the network as “not a threat, but essentially irrelevant.”

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