Did Van Life’s boyfriend disappear in the wilderness infested with Gator?


Photo illustration by The Daily Beast

Photo illustration by The Daily Beast

Florida police searched the Wilderness Preservation Area on Saturday and found nothing on Saturday. Brian Laundry, Who is interested in the disappearance of his girlfriend, “Van Life” YouTuber Gabby Petito..

“Our search for Carlton is being called for darkness tonight. Nothing is found. Efforts will begin again on Sunday morning,” Northport police wrote on Twitter.

Laundry’s family believed they had entered the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve earlier this week, home to crocodile, leopard, and snakes, Northport police said.

After a few days of silence, police finally talked to Laundry’s family on Friday night and learned about it. He was missing While more and more scrutinized for Petito’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, the FBI led the investigation in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. This national park may have been the last place visited before Petito disappeared.

The agency said a series of law enforcement agencies are conducting “ground surveys” in “survey-related” areas, but did not elaborate further.

“Because this is an active and ongoing investigation, law enforcement officers, equipment, vehicles, and related to them, to protect the safety of the public and the integrity of our work in these remote areas. We urge the public to stay away from the activity, “said the FBI.

22 years old from Long Island Did not come back from a cross-country van trip She and the laundry had Recorded on youtube And other social media.

Her family reported that she was missing on September 11, and recently pressured Laundrie and his family to answer questions.

On Friday, Northport police said they felt dissatisfied with the community due to the lack of progress in the case after talking to Laundry’s family. This is currently attracting the FBI’s involvement.

“We are also frustrated,” the agency said. “For six days, Northport police and the FBI have urged families to contact investigators about Brian’s fiancé, Gabby Petit.

“It’s the first time they’ve had a detailed discussion with investigators on Friday. It’s important to note that Brian is interested in Gabby’s disappearance, but he doesn’t want to commit a crime. Currently, crime. We are not investigating. We are currently investigating multiple missing persons. “

Petito’s family issued a withered statement through lawyer Richard Stafford. There is no Gabby. “

Over the weekend, police revealed that they have the ability to do it in the end Track Petito and Laundrie phones, And started the process of finding out where the phones are now and where they used to be.

Investigators have already spliced ​​together some of the couple’s moves since they embarked on a trip in June.

There is a body camera video on August 12 from a police encounter in Moab, Utah. At that time, there was no charge.

Twelve days later, Petit told his family that he was leaving Utah for Grand Teton, Wyoming. Then on August 30th, they received a mysterious text from her phone saying “Yosemite has no service”. They suspect she didn’t actually send it.

Laundry returned to his family’s Northport home on September 1, but Petit’s family said he couldn’t get information about her whereabouts.

Last week, they announced their plea to the laundromat.

“If you or your family remain dignified, please tell me where Gabby is,” they said in a letter read by a lawyer. “Tell me if we’re even looking for the right place. All we want is Gabby to go home. Help us make that happen.”

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