“Dirty American history.” MO couple, crowd blaming Trump for the riots in the Capitol

Former Missouri Christian school teacher and her husband were sentenced to home detention and two years of probation on Thursday, saying former President Donald Trump and the crowd contributed to the environment that led to the parliamentary riots. I did.

US District Judge Amit Mehta has sentenced Zach Wilson to 45 days of home detention and Kelsey Wilson to 30 days of social service. They also have to pay $ 500 each for damages inflicted on the Capitol during the riot, which the prosecutor says totals $ 1.5 million.

“In such cases, it’s hard to avoid getting in the soap box. I’m trying to resist doing so,” Mehta said. “But I don’t think it’s appropriate to at least not pass the ruling without considering the magnitude of what happened on January 6th and how you contributed to it.”

According to Meta, January 6 was the day when the country peacefully transferred power from one president to the next.

“Unfortunately, all of you have decided to do something that will ultimately contribute to the peaceful transition of power hurt by violence, destruction, and death,” he told Wilsons. “And it shouldn’t be disrespected or suggested by everyone, and could be justified by the events of the beginning of summer. It really isn’t.”

On January 6, a parade, demonstration, or single charge of a single misdemeanor of Pickett in the Capitol building was held via a video conference in the US District Court in the District of Columbia. Wilsons faced up to six months’ imprisonment and a $ 5,000 fine, respectively. The government recommended 14 days of imprisonment, 3 years of probation, and $ 500 in compensation.

Wilsons is the third and fourth Missouri resident sentenced to 18 people charged with the Capitol riots. Each of them spoke to the judge before he made the decision.

“I can’t fully apologize or express regret about what I did that day,” Zach Wilson said. “My wife and I went to Washington, DC and listened to former President Trump and guest speakers. We weren’t going to interfere with Congressional proceedings. We saw the crowd, got caught up in the building. Chased them up.

“I am very sorry that I have now polluted American history.”

Meta asked him why he thought he would be allowed to break the Capitol that day.

“I was caught up in President Trump and told everyone that this election was stolen and he was kind of angry,” Zach Wilson said. “I didn’t even think we were going to march. I thought we were just there for the speech. And when he said,” Yeah, look back and march, “everyone Seems to be “Yeah, march”. And he was already working so hard on everyone that when we got there I just reacted wrong. To be honest, I think it’s really stupid. “

Zach Wilson in a red jacket and face mask will be seen at the Capitol on January 6th.

Zach Wilson in a red jacket and face mask will be seen at the Capitol on January 6th.

Tearful Kelsey Wilson told the judge that her arrest would “arguably be one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever experienced.”

“I know what I did on January 6th was wrong,” she said. “We were caught up in everything that was happening last year and swept into the crowd, and I’m deeply and really sorry and embarrassed for my actions that day.”

She said their lives were never the same.

“Because of the actions of the day, I have already lost two jobs instead of one, and my family is having a hard time,” she said. “My family is really sorry for the embarrassment we have brought to our country. We will definitely pay for this for the rest of our lives.”

Kelsey Wilson was employed as a first-year teacher at the Dayspring Christian School in Springfield for about a month when he was arrested last August.

When asked why she entered the Capitol, she told the judge: I caught up with the crowd. It was a ridiculous mistake. “

Meta told the couple that they were “sacrificed” in many ways.

“You were told that you lied about the election fraud and that your country was robbed of you,” he said. “They were lies. And unfortunately you believed them. And you acted on it.”

But he added, “You’re a decent, hard-working American, and unfortunately I think I’ve been involved in what I think I can do again. I really believe I won’t.” He said the couple overcame a difficult past and tried to improve their lives for them and their children.

“Frankly, the hardest part of all this is what you’ve endured, what happened that day, and how your parents got caught up in something. It’s the fact that you have to explain to the kids, don’t have it, “he said.

Zach Wilson was first charged In February 2021, he deliberately entered or stayed in a restricted building. Kelsey Wilson was charged six months later with her deliberate entry into and staying in a restricted building. Chaotic and destructive activity within a restricted building or premises. Chaotic behavior on the grounds of the Capitol. Parades, demonstrations and picketing will take place in the Parliament building.

All counts were misdemeanors. As part of the judicial transaction, the government removed the other counts against the two and charged them with a single “parade” count.

Prosecutors said Wilson broke into the Capitol and roamed, including the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, where Zach Wilson filmed the video. Zach Wilson then posted photos and videos on Facebook. One post said, “The first one !!!! We first found the office in Pelosi.” Later, when FBI agents interviewed the couple, they repeatedly lied about participating in the riots. Said the prosecutor.

“Riots cannot occur without riots, and the actions of each riot contributed directly and indirectly to the violence and destruction of the day, from the most mundane to the most violent,” the government submitted to court. Said in the written judgment.

“The trauma experienced by the House of Representatives and the staff of Chairman Pelosi is significant,” the prosecutor added. A group of Pelosi’s staff hid behind the door and under the desk for more than two hours. “

The government acknowledged Wilson’s early acceptance of liability by concluding a judicial transaction, and Kelsey Wilson “made great efforts to obtain FBI videos and photos taken by Zach Wilson.” Said.

However, prosecutors said their repeated lies against the FBI and Zachary Wilson’s post on social media emphasized the need for a sentence, including some imprisonment.

Wilsons called for 12 months of probation in a memorandum of understanding filed in court. They argued that they weren’t political militants and went to Washington, DC only to show their support for Trump. “Stop stealing” rally..

Kelsey Wilson’s lawyer, Kira West, told her memorandum of judgment that the couple rented a car and headed to Washington, DC with Kelsey Wilson’s friend to hear Trump speak. Wrote to Kelsey’s mother.

“At dawn, she had no plans or plans to enter the US Capitol,” West said. “That is, until President Trump invited everyone to march to the Capitol. Mrs. Wilson had no intention of doing anything that day and chased a large crowd.”

Wilsons were unarmed and undressed, their lawyers said, and they did not destroy any property or use violence. They were in the Capitol for less than 20 minutes, they said, paying homage while in Pelosi’s office and not meeting resistance from the authorities.

“After seeing Video footage showing protesters beating police officersShe writhe by blowing gas on their faces, screaming obscene words, and destroying her fortune, “West said of Kelsey Wilson. “She never witnessed this. She is left with deep regret, fear, shame, and regret.”