“Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Gray says former fiancĂ© Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard “breaks my heart.”

Johnny Depp, Jennifer Gray, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp, Jennifer Gray, Amber Heard.Jim Watson / Getty Images; Amy Sasman / Getty Images; Pool via Jim Lo Skalzo / Reuters

  • Jennifer Gray said the defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard “breaks my heart.”

  • “I think it’s sad,” the “Dirty Dancing” star told Entertainment Tonight.

  • She was temporarily engaged to Depp for nine months in the late 1980s after two weeks of courtship.

“Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Gray She shared her thoughts on her ex-fiance Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against her ex-wife Amber Heard. Entertainment tonight While promoting her memoir “Out Of The Corner”.

“The only thing I can say about the trial is that it hurt everyone involved.” Gray said in an interview, Published May 5th. “I think it’s sad. I hope it’s resolved. Everyone wants to get well.”

2019, Depp filed a $ 50 million defamation proceeding For what you heard I heard the 2018 Washington Post editorial She described herself as “a public figure representing domestic violence.”

In the proceedings, Depp alleges lying about the fact that Hard experienced domestic violence in their relationship to promote her own acting career and hurt his career.

Hearers argued that they had repeatedly physically abused him through their relationship that ended in 2016.

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“I had an unusual vantage point to see in real time how the facility protects a man accused of abuse,” Hard wrote in an essay in The Washington Post.

I heard in the Washington Post that I didn’t name Depp, His lawyer said It was “obviously” about him, “destroying” his career and confronting him with “public contempt.”

Gray was engaged in Depp In the late 80’s, the next The latter couple broke up with actor Matthew Broderick after two people were killed in a car accident in Ireland.

According to Gray Depp suggested to her after only two weeks of dating And their engagement lasted nine months, after which the “Felizbuler Holiday” star broke up with him leaving a note in the hotel room.

Jennifer Gray and Johnny Depp.

Jennifer Gray and Johnny Depp.Cindy Aude / Getty Images; Rich Fury / Getty Images

“For me, this guy was the answer to my problem,” Gray told Entertainment Tonight, looking back on his short relationship with Depp. “This guy was sweet, loving, romantic, crazy about me, beautiful, and I was in desperate need of a rebound.”

After surviving the tragedy with Broderick, she called their relationship a “very soft landing.”

However, in “Out of the Corner” I’m out nowGray Describe Depp as “crazy jealousy and paranoids” At some point in their relationship, it was the factor that led to their division.

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