Disclosure of COVID vaccination status up to care workers

Elderly caregivers do not need to disclose whether they have been vaccinated with COVID-19, despite the new reporting requirements of a provider of known jab numbers.

Beginning June 15, elderly care providers will be required to report their vaccination numbers to the federal government every week.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said in a statement on Friday, “The facility needs to report, but it is optional to disclose whether employees have been vaccinated and have been vaccinated with COVID-19.” ..

Under the Ministry of Health guidelines, “it is voluntary to disclose whether an employee has been vaccinated and has been vaccinated with COVID-19.”

“It is voluntary for all elderly care workers in home and community care, and in home care, to be vaccinated and to disclose whether they have been vaccinated with COVID-19,” the guidance said. I am.

Employee vaccination information is subject to privacy law provisions, said Richard Colbeck, Minister of Elderly Care Services.

“This currently means that this information can only be collected by elderly care providers whose staff has agreed to disclose it,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

“We understand why it is important for healthcare providers to work with employees carefully, understand the importance of employees being vaccinated, and know the vaccination coverage of all employees. I am confident that it will help you understand. “

A total of 42,978 workers have been vaccinated at the Commonwealth Elderly Care Clinic, of which 36,651 are fully vaccinated.

Workers are also free to be vaccinated by state and federal clinics or family doctors.

“Australia’s vaccination registry does not know the profession or place of work of an individual, so the government does not currently have a complete picture of the number of workers vaccinated through these channels,” Colbeck said. Mr. says.

“We are confident that the new reporting process will provide excellent data on employee vaccination levels.”

On Friday, the National Cabinet called on the Australian Health Protection Commission to provide advice as soon as possible on the mandatory COVID vaccinations for elderly care and employees with disabilities.

Weekly data is recorded through an online reporting tool that records anonymized data on the total number of elderly care workers who received the first or second dose.

After the Victorian epidemic raised concerns about the speed of its spread, many states rushed to prioritize elderly care vaccines.

“Not all of our workers who were supposed to be vaccinated by the 1A Group Federation have been completed. I’m not going to wait any longer,” Queensland Health Minister Ibet Das said Wednesday. Told to.

The Victorian government announced on Tuesday that it would prioritize COVID vaccination of workers in private facilities.

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