Disconnected head of missing Nigerian lawmaker found in the park: police

Nigerian Onitsha — Nigerian police found the amputated head of a missing state legislator in southeastern Anambra last week.

The southeastern part of the Igbo ethnic group’s hometown has instigated secession from other parts of Nigeria, and the banned Biafra Indigenous (IPOB) group has led these calls.

Okechukwu Okoyye, a member of the Anambra State Parliament, and his aides went missing on May 15. His head was found in a park in the Nnewi South Local Government area on Saturday night.

“A member of the Diet was killed. His head was found along Novi Road. No suspects have been detained yet,” said Mr. Ikega.

The Governor of Anambra provided a reward of 10 million naira ($ 24,000) for information about the murderer.

Earlier this month, armed groups killed two soldiers and bowed in neighboring Imo. The government blamed the IPOB, which denied the charges.

Violence in the southeast is another layer of anxiety in Nigeria, kidnapping for ransom is common in the northwest, and Muslim rebellions have continued for more than a decade in the northeast of the country.

Amnesty International said in August last year that Nigerian security forces had killed at least 115 people in the southeast during the first eight months of 2021, and arbitrarily arrested or tortured dozens of others. The government did not comment.

By Anamesere Igboeroteonwu