Disney Cruise takes other cruises and requires a vaccine passport.Stop the deadly battle, Governor Desantis


Now that Disney Cruise Line has joined Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norway and plans to require COVID vaccines for passengers over the age of 12, the Governor of Florida is meaningless to uphold the state’s dangerous vaccine passport ban. It’s time to stop the legal battle. ..

Made by disney Tuesday announcement When you need proof of vaccination. But the real impetus came from the Bahamian government last week. From September 1st (and for now until October), cruise ships are only allowed in the ports of Bahama, including the private islands used by the cruise line, if qualified passengers are fully vaccinated. increase. Medical exceptions are allowed. Children under the age of 12 must provide proof that the COVID-19 test performed within a week is negative and undergo another test before boarding.

It may be embarrassing that the Bahamas and Disney have to enforce common sense in Florida, but at this point we adopt it.

Court struggle

Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis has been busy defending the legislation he promoted, and Congress passed in the spring to prevent companies, including cruise companies, from demanding vaccines for service.

Norwegian Cruise Line challenged the law in court. A federal judge supported Norwegians and granted a provisional injunction to prevent law enforcement.But instead of recognizing that the state has passed Bad laws that can have fatal consequences, Florida has once again raised its taxpayer-funded ante and appealed to the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

A spokeswoman said Tuesday that the governor believed the legal appeal would be successful and “is confident in the legal basis for the Florida vaccine passport ban.”

The governor and legislative Republicans have sought to market their ban as a matter of personal liberty, although vaccination is clearly the best way to prevent infection. They also highlighted the idea of ​​trying to protect minorities. Because, see if you can follow this reason. The need for vaccines for ship passengers is equivalent to discrimination, as the proportion of whites is higher than for blacks and Hispanics. Did you take it?

After such a cobblestone nonsense, we welcomed the evaluation of the fresh and unwavering issue of Norwegian CEO Frank del Rio.on Last week’s Yahoo FinanceHe called the situation “beyond strange”, “shameful” and a failure of government leadership. He said Florida relies on tourism. “And the hospitality business’s top priority is to keep our customers safe.”

Candidate for the office

So why is DeSantis, on the surface, a Republican in professional business, fighting Florida’s business and common sense?

Hmm. Probably because I’m talking about him again here. In addition, his political foundation is undoubtedly excited about his brave, all-cost cruise stance. It certainly doesn’t hurt his appearance on Fox News. And, of course, all because he’s running for reelection and perhaps the White House.

In an interview last week, Norwegian Del Rio was bubbling with the same frustration and anger we feel. This is the pandemic we are talking about, and people are dying every day. Florida is now the epicenter of the epicenter. What does sound judgment need to dominate? “

Approximately 43,000 people have died of COVID in Florida, children are now crucified, and the Delta type continues to rage throughout the state. But DeSantis is spending money rather than helping businesses take the best possible steps to keep their passengers safe. our money? — To defend his deadly opposition to common sense.