Disney reportedly removed a video promoting a luxury Star Wars hotel after fans called it a “galaxy failure.”


Star Wars Hotel Cabin Mockup

Hotel reservations will open in October and officially open in March 2022.David Roque / Disney Parks

  • Walt Disney World opens “Star Wars”: March Galaxy Star Cruiser “Hotel.

  • Inside The Magic reported that some fans criticized the hotel’s design and price.

  • The outlet reported that Disney has removed the hotel’s advertising video from social media.

Disney seems to have removed the promotional video for the new “Star Wars” hotel from Twitter and YouTube after fans criticized the cost and design online.

according to In the magic Disney previously shared a behind-the-scenes video of “Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser” on November 28th. In the promotional video, we introduced the interior of the hotel and introduced new characters like Gaya, a galaxy pop star that entertains guests. Outlets reported that some fans believed that the spacecraft design was below the company’s usual standards for an immersive experience.

Inside the Magic also reported that some fans and online commentators think the price is too high to experience.Disney world Website Shows that two guests can rent a cabin for $ 1,209 per night, or $ 4,809 for the entire voyage. Its total voyage cost will increase to $ 5,299 for three guests and $ 5,999 for four guests per cabin.

Walt Disney World representatives did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

A video The Disney experience could be a “galaxy failure” in cost and design, according to a post on Monday by the YouTube account Mickey Views, a source of Disney news with 134,000 subscribers.

The Mickey View video below shows some of the hotel promotions, but they are no longer displayed online.

Disney removed the promotional video from its social media account after fans said, Inside the Magic reported. At the time of writing, Disney has not publicly addressed the apparent removal of video from the platform.

Disney announced “Star Wars: Galaxy Star Cruiser” A two-night immersive adventure at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida Before detailing to fans at D23 Expo in 2017..

Former Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek said in a Disney Parks presentation, “Once on board, you’ll cruise the galaxy for two days and two nights, becoming your own” Star Wars “adventure hero.” .. Anaheim Convention Center.

As previously reported after insider Kirsten Akna attended the D23 Expo, the hotel will be made to resemble a spaceship named Halcyon, allowing guests to meet franchise characters. Their journey on a ship. The hotel has started October reservation reception, Scheduled to open in March 2022.

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