Disney World Fans Beg Parks to Change Mulan’s Appearance in Six-Page Open Letter



Fans begged Disney to revise Mulan’s costume design in a six-page letter after seeing Disney princesses in unrecognizable costumes in Disney World parks.

A letter signed only by ‘Disney fans’ was shared on the subreddit r/Walt Disney World User u/tjkim9- last week.

of letterThe fan, who identifies as an Asian-American woman, said Mulan’s new costume design and appearance “betray the character in many ways.”

When I saw the new costume, I’m not sure I would recognize her immediately if someone asked me who this character was,” she wrote.

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The photo included in the letter was taken by an Instagram user, although the fan didn’t show the Disney park she was referring to @seizingthemagic — View Mulan at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Fans cited some discrepancies they noticed after comparing Park’s version of Mulan to the character in the 1998 animated film.

The actor’s makeup matches Mulan’s during a matchmaker visit in the film, but not her hairstyle, which a fan described as a tight updo with bangs.

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Fans also took note of Mulan’s dress, and unlike other Disney princesses at Walt Disney World’s parks, her hairstyle and dress stayed true to the original design, and her color palette was Not easily associated with Disney characters.

Fans then explained that the color combination in Mulan’s matchmaker costume was inaccurate, pointing out that the dress in the film was a darker pink than the one used in the park’s costume.

Designers may have tried to introduce a new dress for Mulan, but she wasn’t easily identifiable as the classic Mulan from the animated film,” the fan wrote.

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Upon further inspection, fans discovered that Disney World’s Mulan costume was 2012 Princess RenewalMulan, like all Disney princesses, underwent some design changes.

But even this costume redesign honors the original Mulan while adorning her with a more glamorous look,” Fan wrote. But I lost the other side of what makes Mulan.”

A final concern noted in the letter was Mulan’s use of makeup from the matchmaking scene, symbolizing the character’s feelings about social pressure.

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Fans said the scene in which Mulan wipes off her makeup while looking at her reflection was an iconic moment for the character, as she finally reveals “her true self.”

For me, Mulan in matchmaker make-up in the park betrays the growth and development she experienced in the film, reducing her to a princess rather than a warrior,” the fan declared. Did.

At the end of her letter, fans pleaded with Disney to change Mulan’s costume at the parks, stating, “Her appearance should reflect and honor who she was and remains who she is.” , please be respectful. Please.”

Several comments below the Reddit post agreed with Disney fans.

I have to agree with you” user u/Background_Set8321 commented“The outfit she wears in the park is what she wears when she meets matchmakers, something she dislikes and doesn’t really want to do.

Ok, I fully admit that I opened this essay only expecting to be entertained by some eye-rolling pedantic rant… but… I agree with this 100%. User u / WoolaCalot I have writtenexplains that Disney may have done a terrible job “princessizing” Mulan.

As someone who’s only into a few Disney movies, I was thrilled to see Mulan in the park, but I totally see where you’re coming from. [sic] In current attire,” user u/GauntletScars I have written.