Djokovic wins visa appeal for stay in Australia and judge orders immediate release from detention

After a long hearing, Novak Djokovic release Federal Judge Anthony Kelly revives tennis player’s visa after hearing with fans on Monday from immigration detention in Australia celebrate His victory outside the Federal Circuit.

Kelly ordered him to return Djokovic’s passport and all other personal belongings. The order was declared in public court at 5:16 pm.

A lawyer representing the federal government, Anthony Tran, The government said it would comply with the order, but Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is still considering using his discretion to revoke Djokovic’s visa.

Kelly said Djokovic would not be allowed to return to Australia within three years if the government exercised the power to revoke his visa, but could be appealed.

He demanded that the court be entitled to be notified if the government decides to enact authority.

At the hearing, Kelly may have a decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa until 5:20 am on January 6th, until 8:30 am to respond to officials. I considered it “irrational” after being told.

However, the call to cancel the visa was made before that deadline at 7:42 am, before Djokovic took the time to “consult others” and submit more on his behalf.

The government also admitted that Djokovic had not given enough time to make his claim while Djokovic was detained after arriving in the country.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews Submission In response to the January 9 appeal, Djokovic stated that he could still be detained despite a court order.

“The order of immediate release does not prevent re-detention if it has the power to detain,” the submission read. Tennis players are currently set to be free from immigration.

This is due to some inconsistencies in Djokovic’s visa information.

Tennis Australia has notified players to apply for a medical exemption by December 10. It is unknown if Djokovic applied before that date. However, Tennis Australia and the Victorian Government have approved an exemption from playing at the Australian Open on December 30th.

The tax exemption indicates that he tested positive for COVID-19 on December 16th, but had no fever or other symptoms in the last 72 hours.

However, photos on social media show that the player is attending the children’s awards ceremony on December 17, the day after the COVID-19 positive test.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison comment About the problem.

“It’s purely a court issue at this point,” he said at a press conference in Canberra at a federal hearing.

However, he also referred to Greg Hunt’s letter to Craig Tiley dated November 29, stating that the federal government’s advice on Australian tennis was very clear.

“But in connection with the Government, our Government, and the Federal Government’s advice to Tennis Australia, it was shown very clearly in November.”

Marina Chan