Do not expect anything of the substance to emerge from inquiries regarding the use of emergency law


The people who created the emergency law understood how serious the enforcement of the law was. This is an act that is used only in the worst case when all other means of maintaining public order and morals have been exhausted. The suspension of civil liberties can never be underestimated or frivolous. Therefore, a clause has been incorporated into the law requiring a complete investigation of its use. This should be done within 60 days of the call.

The Liberal government cannot prevent the outbreak of investigations, but many tools are freely available and already in use to ensure that the results do not adversely affect the property of the election. We look forward to a solid and focused review of government actions during the truck driver’s Freedom Convoy protest, but we can’t expect much satisfaction with the results.

In the first place, the government was literally waiting to start the investigation to the end legally possible. They had to call it until April 25th, and that’s what they did. If they were really interested in self-examination, they would have called inquiries a few weeks ago. They wanted to postpone this for as long as possible.

The government then appointed Judge Paul Rouleau to lead the investigation. There is no doubt that Rouleau is a very capable judge. I hope he takes that mission seriously.However, Judge Roulo was appointed to his position by the Liberal Party Government, and Was very active The Liberal Party of the past. Roulo’s liberal connection may or may not affect his quest, but they certainly undermine its credibility. There are many qualified judges they could have chosen that they had nothing to do with their party.

The conditions of the investigation are incomplete and completely contrary to the spirit of the law requiring investigation.Commissioners are instructed to dig deeper To the protesters themselves However, there is no direction to investigate the actions of the government itself. The purpose of the investigation is to determine if the government justified the enforcement of the emergency law. The way this query is set up seems to be building a case for the call, rather than asking a question. If the commissioner is not tasked with investigating all angles of the matter, including the actions of the government itself, the results are of negligible value.

Even if Roulo decides to broaden the scope of his investigation to investigate government behavior, it seems unlikely that he will have much success in getting an answer.The Liberal government is already Confidentiality of repeatedly called cabinets To avoid answering questions posed by the Special Parliamentary Commission investigating the use of the law. If Roulo tries to get testimony from the ministers or the Prime Minister himself, there is no doubt that they can and will do the same.

When Roulo was asked directly about access to Cabinet documents and discussions during the investigation, Liberal House leader Mark Holland said the government would provide as much information as possible. rice field. Few statements instill confidence in the Liberal Party’s desire for transparency in this study.

There are many questions that you probably won’t be able to answer. Why the government uses all its resources, Depends on CBC reports Did it contain incorrect information about foreign funding to make a decision?why Minister of Public Security is still using Did you uncover the allegations of arson to justify the invocation of the act?

Most importantly, why was it necessary when most of the protests had already been dismantled by the application of traditional law? We don’t know because Rouleau hasn’t been instructed to ask for it.

The report will not be released until February 20, 2023. It takes time to do important research, but doing something so important can and needs to be done in a shorter period of time. The government hopes to get as much of this as possible, hoping that public interest will be lost by the end of the investigation. Unfortunately, most Canadians have a short period of attention these days, so they may be right.

Hopefully, Canadians will learn what actually happened in a closed room when the government chose to implement the most extreme measures it had in the emergency legislature. But if we find it, it’s due to an internal leak and probably a committee inquiry. Rouleau’s research reveals little importance. Just as it was modeled.

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Corey Morgan


Cory Morgan is a Calgary-based columnist.