Do you ban voters from water?Following Georgia, the Republicans in Florida are as predictable as their proposal is racist.

The Florida Republican tactics prior to the 2022 elections are clear and simple. Makes it difficult for citizens to vote by mail. When they go to polls in the heat of Florida, they make lining up more miserable by making it illegal to give them water.

In the Republican fantasy world, Donald Trump needs to “fix” the system to win “by landslides” and not have a large number of black and brown people. Voting will turn America into Venezuela.

But House Building 7041 is not a fantasy. And Floridian is at risk of making it a reality. The law says that anyone who dares to give bottled water to someone in line to vote will face a misdemeanor if it becomes a law.

It’s not lost to us that black Florida voters have faced some of the longest voting lines in history. Often in the hot and humid weather of Florida’s August primary.

Like Georgia

The bill is part of a radical election reform bill that reflects the controversial law that Georgia has just passed and is the subject of proceedings. It is cruel and racist and seeks to thwart the democratic promises that blacks and others fought to legitimately secure.

The HB 7041 expands the polling place zone, which cannot recruit voters, from 100 feet to 150 feet. The non-solicitation zone aims to protect voters from coercion and prohibits the distribution of political materials and leaflets. The bill extends the meaning of “solicitation” to include “giving or attempting to give an item.” Interact with voters and try to interact with them. Sponsor Blaze Ingolia, R-Spring Hill, told the House of Representatives last Monday that it would include food and drink.

The bill’s food and beverage offering isn’t the worst, but it may be the most ridiculous. However, it shows the boldness of Republicans that dominate the legislature, such as Florida and Georgia. They stopped pretending that their true intentions were not to prevent voters from participating.

The bill also requires voters to require voting by mail every election cycle, rather than every two cycles, as the law currently allows. However, the law allows votes required before the effective date of the July 1 bill to be valid in next year’s governor’s election. The bill also prohibits anyone other than close relatives from handling someone’s ballot to prevent what is called a “ballot harvest.”

becomes terrible

The Senate bill (SB 90) goes even further. This eliminates the need for a ballot drop box, which is a convenient and safe way for voters to return ballots without mailing them. (The house version only improves their security). Also, voters who requested a vote in 2020 must reapply before 2022. Miami-Dade County Returning Officer Christina White has warned that she will remove more than 404,000 voters who will receive mail ballots over the next two years. Educating voters about these changes would cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With Ingolia, and virtually all Republicans pushing the bill, Florida states that it set an example of how to run elections efficiently in 2020. “We shouldn’t rely on laurels,” Ingolia said.

We are not stupid. This is just an attempt to appease Trump and his base, making it difficult for the Democrats and the minority, whose postal ballots surpassed the Republicans, to vote last year. Ironically, until Trump, Republicans promoted postal voting, which helped control state politics.

As Leon County Return Officer Mark Early told the Senate earlier this month, these proposed changes “towards another 2012, when we have long lines and confusion and confusion. We are ready, “Herald reported.

Long lines, mess — and no water. It’s all obviously by design.

Republicans, on the other hand, have failed to show cases of widespread fraud, dropbox abuse, or water bottle-related fraud.

Still, they argue that reforms are needed to restore voters’ confidence in the election process.

Do you know what else achieves it? As guaranteed by the Constitution, qualified Americans voted fairly and honestly, telling their base that Joe Biden had won the 2020 elections fairly and honestly.