Do you know how to recognize a credit card skimmer?Police in the Fresno area have these tips

Credit card skimming has been a hot topic in several cities in Fresno County in recent weeks. Police say there is a way to protect yourself.

Usually for skimming A device that a thief installs at an ATM or where a customer can pay with a credit or debit card.

According to police, this device steals card numbers and other information that could be used for fraudulent purchases. Thieves can use the information themselves or sell it to third parties.

Sgt. Martin Van Overbeek of Fresno’s Financial Crimes Unit said the device is simple and can store card information and make it more complex.

“Some users can store information and connect via Bluetooth when parking outdoors and downloading skim card information,” he said in an email.

The store owner may not be aware that the card reader at the counter is at stake, as a team of thieves worked together to divert the employee’s attention while someone was laying down the device.

Clovis Police Devices are often hard to see and are said to fit on machines at card slots and gas station counters. Therefore, police are advised to gently pull the slot and inspect the payment device to see if anything is loose, said department spokesman Ty Wood.

Setups often include two parts, including a pinhole camera to steal a PIN when a user inserts it. “Usually at the top of the keypad,” he said.

According to police, Clovis has identified 11 skimmers and conducted eight unresolved investigations in the last 10 months.

Bank of America’s Peach Avenue and Show Avenue ATMs have been targeted eight times. That’s because it’s independent and always has no employees in the field, Clovis Sgt. Jim Koch said.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office recommends downloading the “Skimmer Scanner” app for smartphones. This allows you to warn the user if the petrol pump has been tampered with.

Reedley police said They have received many complaints about fraudulent purchases this year, and Drive-Through Bank of America ATMs on G Street are a common target for skimmers.

If “tap to pay” is enabled on your card, Reedley police recommended that method. Officers also said users should report anything that seems suspicious about ATMs.

Here are some tips from law enforcement agencies:

  • Check your ATM or debit machine for signs of damage or unusual marks.

  • Gently pull the card slot before inserting the card.

  • Use your hands to cover the keypad as you enter the PIN.

  • If possible, consider paying at the cash station instead of the pump when you are at the gas station.

  • If available, set up text and email alerts for your account to periodically notify you when purchases exceed a certain amount.

  • Pay in cash if possible. This often makes it impossible to pay lower rates.

  • If you suspect that the skimmer is on an ATM or machine, contact law enforcement immediately. If you are open, please notify your employees.

  • Report suspicious activity to law enforcement agencies immediately.

  • Monitor your checking account to make sure you are aware of all transactions.

  • Make a police report when you are a victim of a crime.

  • For options, use mobile payment.

According to police, this is the device used to scoop credit cards at Clovis ATMs.

According to police, this is the device used to scoop credit cards at Clovis ATMs.

According to police, these devices were used to scoop credit cards at Clovis ATMs.

According to police, these devices were used to scoop credit cards at Clovis ATMs.