“Do you miss me anymore?” Donald Trump hijacks Mar-a-Lago’s wedding reception against Joe Biden

Donald Trump-Alex Edelman / AFP

Donald Trump-Alex Edelman / AFP

Traditionally, wedding speeches are used to gather praise when a happy couple embarks on the next chapter in life.

But when Donald Trump picks up a microphone at Mar-a-Lago’s reception Earlier this month he Joe Biden, Iran, China, Immigration crisis at the southern border And abusive words posted online questioned the outcome of the November elections.

At the reception of John and Megan Arigo, the former president in a black tie held a courtroom on the dance floor in front of a tense wedding ring and asked guests, “Do you want to see me anymore?”

In a video obtained by TMZ, Mr. Trump mistakenly claims that current U.S. president Joe Biden has withdrawn sanctions on Iran, and the situation at the Mexican border is “humanitarian disaster” and “worst in history.” Said. And I intend to “destroy the country.”

Mr. Trump said he “stopped the news” at a Florida resort where he has been staying since his resignation, but has embarked on a number of current affairs.

He asked the guest, “How are we doing in Iran?” I received a boo chorus.

“We were ready to make a deal, they were ready to do anything, they would have done anything, and this guy [Biden] He said he wanted to negotiate now after withdrawing the sanctions. “

In fact, Mr. Biden has imposed sanctions on Iran since he took office.

Mr. Trump also said: The worst ever.

“What’s happening to the kids, they live in the hustle and bustle. They live like no one has ever seen. Nothing like this has ever happened.”

In the election, he told the wedding guest:

“Suddenly at 10:30 pm in the evening, they said it was weird. Why are they closing a particular place? A lot is happening now.”

There is no evidence that the election favored Mr Biden.

US / Mexico border

US / Mexico border

At the end of the winding speech, Mr. Trump set aside 12 seconds to compliment the “wonderful and beautiful couple.”

“It’s an honor to be here. It’s an honor to welcome you to Mar-a-Lago,” he added, nodding to the successful car dealer owner and his new wife.

Immediate speeches were greeted with cheers in the room, but were not well accepted elsewhere.

Former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski said: Trump is like the worst drunken uncle who crashed a wedding at Mar-a-Lago and got a microphone and didn’t shut up. “

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