“Do you miss me anymore?”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump appeared at a wedding at a resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida over the weekend, playing against Joe Biden, China and Iran.

The former president jumped on Mike at the ceremony and wasted little time getting political.

He referred to the situation on the border with Mexico and raised more questions about the November presidential election he lost.

“Do you miss me anymore?” He cheered loudly at the party.


“I receive all these splash reports, and they talk to me about borders, they talk to me about China, they talk to me about Iran,” Trump released by the entertainment website TMZ. I started with the video that was done.

“We were ready to make a deal, they were ready to do anything, they would have done anything, and this guy [Biden] After withdrawing the sanctions, he said he wanted to negotiate now. “

President Biden has not withdrawn sanctions on Iran.

In February, the Biden White House withdrew its request from the Trump administration to impose international sanctions on Iran for violating the UN Security Council’s nuclear deal.

Later, Mr. Trump aimed at the Biden administration over the situation on the southern border with Mexico. Since Mr. Biden took office, the number of arriving people has increased, including hundreds of unaccompanied minors in immigration detention facilities.

“The borders aren’t good. It’s the worst I’ve ever had,” Trump said. “What’s happening to the kids, they live in the hustle and bustle. They live like no one has ever seen. Nothing like this has ever happened.”

Under the Trump administration Thousands of immigrant families separated from children From 2017 to 2018.

The former president then shifted his focus to the recent election defeat of President Biden, which Mr. Trump disputed.

“They said they would get 66 million votes, Sir, and the elections are over. I got 75 million votes, and you saw what happened,” he said.

Biden has won over 80 million votes.

“Suddenly at 10:30 pm in the evening, they said it was strange. Why are they closing certain places? A lot is happening now.”

Mr. Trump finally finished with a toast to “a wonderful and beautiful couple”, John and Megan Arigo.

This is not the first time Mr. Trump has appeared at a supporter’s wedding.

In 2019, the then president appeared at the reception of his golf club in New Jersey. Encourage brides, grooms, and guests to say “USA! USA!”