Do you say that 9/10 of the “trade” on Black Friday in the UK is the same price or cheaper in advance?


Which is 9/10 of the UK Black Friday “trading” at the same price or cheaper in the last 6 months? A survey was found.

Consumer groups are 6 months before and after Black Friday, and the day itself.

About 92% (184) of products, including popular items such as washing machines, soundbars and TVs, were at or below the same price in the six months before Black Friday.

In some cases, shoppers may want to bid their time to see if the price of a product drops further.

Which is almost all (98.5%) products in the 6 months after Black Friday? Apparently, it was cheaper or the same price at some point.

Which one is approaching on Black Friday on November 26th? Shoppers said some research should be done to help them find really good deals.

Ele Clark, which one? The retail editor said: “Take the time to identify the products you really need and make sure that the“ transactions ”displayed represent true savings.

“By doing this, we can defeat the hype and be confident that we will be able to offer all the high quality products that will last for years from the sale of Black Friday at a bargain price.”

Which one? Emphasized John Lewis’s Zanussi ZWF81441W washing machine.

If Black Friday was “discounted” to £ 309, the customer would have been able to buy £ 249 five months ago for £ 60 cheaper and then within a month for £ 289. Said.

Another product was the Argos Bush BRC100DHEB 100cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker, which weighed 449.99 pounds. This was the same price 66 times before Black Friday and 19 times after. I checked it.

Which of the retailers analyzed? Richard Sound said it had the highest percentage of transactions that were neither cheap nor at the same price before Black Friday, at 4 out of 14.

Which one? According to consumer surveys, many shoppers did not read product reviews before making a purchase.

One-third (33%) of people who bought baby and children’s products on Black Friday last week did little or no research on product reviews before making a purchase. A quarter (26%) of those who buy home appliances are in this position, and one in five (22%) of high-tech products.

Many retailers have already begun offering deals for Black Friday.

Which did Amazon say? : “We are low prices all year round and we are trying to provide great value to our customers thanks to many great seasonal deals.

“Our Black Friday sale is about thousands of transactions for a huge number of products from all categories across the site, at a time when we know that saving money is important to our customers. And the best thing about online shopping is that customers can easily compare prices so they can make informed purchase decisions. “

AO states: “Customers can get deals all year round at AO, and Black Friday is the biggest opportunity to get real value deals alongside a year-round price adjust guarantee.”

Argos said: “We are committed to offering our customers a wide range of products at great prices throughout the year. Black Friday trading is no exception.”

Currys said: “By 2020, more than 98% of the products advertised on Black Friday were at or below the same price as the last six months, and 54% were the cheapest to date.

“Black Friday is one of the best times for our customers to shop with us all year long. With our unique price promise, we will not lose the price. The end. This Is also true during Black Friday. “

John Lewis said: “As a Black Friday retailer, we offer great deals in technology, home, beauty and fashion. These are just a few of the many promotions available to our customers throughout the year.”

Also, according to a statement from Richer Sounds, “Prices can fluctuate significantly up and down for a variety of reasons, but are primarily the availability from the supplier and the price that must be paid to the supplier.

“That means that in the next Black Friday promotion, the product may be sold at a higher price than last year (which is annoying to everyone), but everything we sell. Trading on Black Friday’s “event” time (note, it starts a few days before that day).