Do you want to dump playing cards?Getting him out of a golf course in New York may not be easy

New York (AP) —Donald Trump has a rich history of fighting back when he goes down and forcing others to pay. Bronx.

The sudden firing was part of a backlash against Trump’s work against his role in whipping the mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6. However, experts who have considered the city’s 566-page contract with the former president say he will be kicked out of the course, which may not be so easy.

Eric, Trump’s son, sees the fight as an opposition to “cultural cancellation” and breaks out of a deal that could turn into a legal fight that could last for years. We are demanding more than $ 30 million in payments from the city.

“They can’t abandon him so easily,” said John Ray, a lawyer with experience in public contract disputes, who said the Bronx deal would give him ample room to protest the famous proceedings Trump. I will. “It stays there and protects his right to run the place.”

Geoffrey Croft, president of Watchdog NYC Park Advocates, predicts:

In response to a question from the Associated Press, the city claims that Trump’s actions leading up to the riot caused a “clear and irrefutable” breach of the contract, with November 14 being the last day to carry out the Trump organization’s course. Mentioned legal submissions.

Area landscape architect and sometimes Trump course golfer Sean de Bartolo says that huge stones often pass by hillside signs that spell “TRUMP LINKS” can provide a temporary solution. I will.

“In the worst case scenario, it can cost thousands of dollars,” says the owner of DeBartolo Landscaping in nearby New Rochelle. “It’s three people and it’s done in a day.”

The Trump Organization cancels the tournament on one of New Jersey’s courses after the Capitol riots, banks refuse to lend to him, and brokers find a company to fill the retail stores and office space in his building. I refused to help. A hit comes when the prosecutor ponders his tax return and a large amount of debt is imminent.

But Trump likes good fights. And anyone who suspects he can’t win even if he looks washed away should consult with junk bond investors and shareholders at a casino in Atlantic City, NJ. Even in the 1990s, I was able to withdraw an estimated $ 80 million myself.

In 2008, Trump defaulted on a huge German bank loan for Chicago’s skyscrapers, but then sued the bank for “predatory lending,” allowing many of its loans and a series of new loans of 300 million. Handed over more than a dollar.

And after being blocked from building dozens of homes on golf courses in Westchester County, New York and on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Trump developed real estate, despite alleging to tax authorities in another document. By agreeing not to do so, I managed to win a tax deduction of over $ 40 million. They were worth only a small part of it. The New York Attorney General is investigating whether Trump has illegally manipulated values ​​to take a break.

The city is not the only Trump partner that can be forced to pay.

Real estate giant Vornado wants to sell two Trump-owned office buildings (one in New York and one in San Francisco), but sees it enrich the former president who closed his mouth in the deal. We are lagging behind potential buyers who do not want to be left behind. According to The Wall Street Journal, one of the solutions Vornado considered was $ 700 million for the weaker of the two partners as Mr. Trump faces a series of deadlines to repay his next debt. It is to pass the possibility of cash injection above. A few years.

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America may also have problems escaping from Trump. When the group said it was pulling a tournament from a golf course in Bedminster, NJ, the Trump organization warned that it was a “binding breach of contract.” The PGA of America did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio said, “When everyone says he’s lost him because he’s turned around and proclaims his magical abilities, what’s more satisfying than winning? No, “he said. “And, as you know, it makes other people look stupid, and it’s what he enjoys.”

When the Mayor of New York announced that he would drive Trump off the course, he quoted Trump’s “criminal activity” that instigated the Capitol riots.

“Inciting a rebellion against the U.S. government clearly constitutes a criminal offense,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in January when he announced that he would tear off a 20-year contract with Trump to run two ice rinks. Separate contracts for and central park carousels. “The lawyer saw it and was as clear as the bell that caused them to break these contracts.”

The city also quotes the cancellation of the PGA Tournament, saying Mr. Trump can no longer claim to be able to attract top-notch tournaments to the Bronx course, as required by the contract.

However, the contract does not mention a “criminal procedure”, and it is not clear that Trump’s instigation of supporters before attacking the Capitol constitutes it. The deal also doesn’t specifically state that Trump is needed to attract the tournament, but seems to only require him to maintain a course that is “first-class tournament quality.”

The city replied that the Trump organization was “overly restrictive” in interpreting these four words, saying it only had to show that Trump couldn’t attract the tournament for some reason.

Eric Trump, who runs the company’s golf business, declined to comment on the story. But earlier this year, he told AP that the city’s decision was “political discrimination,” which could grow in number, but would cost at least $ 30 million for the money invested in the venue. I sent a statement. The city paid for the construction of the course, not Trump, and obliged him to spend at least $ 10 million on the new clubhouse.

Built on a former landfill, the course designed by Jack Nicklaus features dramatic views of native grass, rolling hills, the Manhattan skyline and the nearby Whitestone Bridge. Anyone can play, but on weekdays it costs $ 154 for residents. The course generated approximately $ 700,000 in cash in the year to March 2020, before it was temporarily closed by the pandemic.

Half a dozen golfers on the course earlier this month said that whatever the city had to pay to get out of the deal, it was too much.

“It’s a waste of taxpayer money,” says Uli Edel on the sixth hole when his partner hits the drive. “I don’t care what the name is.”

Landscape architect Debartoro couldn’t agree anymore.

“Why don’t you take that $ 30 million and help some people on the street,” he says. “If you ask me, this cancellation culture is a bit crazy.”