“Doctor Who” actor Tanya Fear reported missing three days ago, manager confirms

British actor Tanyafia was reported missing on Thursday by her family after being last seen in Los Angeles, where she has lived for the past two months.

Horror manager Alex Cole confirmed the news by phone to this day on Sunday, three days after she first went missing. He said today he last spoke to horror eight days ago to discuss his work, and she was fine.

Tanya Fia attends movie premiere

Tanya Fia attends movie premiere

“It was a shock to me,” Cole said of her disappearance.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed today that it had completed the horror missing person report on September 9, but no further information is available at this time.

Cole said he lives in Hollywood near the Hollywood Bowl at the music venue today.For the last few months she has Try stand-up comedy, And it worked well for her to build followers.

Tanya Fia held in London in May 2017.

Tanya Fia held in London in May 2017.

Throughout social media, friends and fans are using the hashtag “#FindTanyaFear” to raise awareness of Fear’s disappearance in order to obtain more information.

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Author Bolu Babalola shared Fearon’s missing poster twitter“My friend Tanya has gone missing in the Los Angeles / Hollywood Bowl area. She hasn’t been seen since September 9, 2021.”

“If anyone has useful information, call (626) -232-8616 # FindTanya Fear,” the tweet read. “If someone in the area or someone with a reach in the area becomes RT, thank you.”

so Tweet A few hours later, in the same thread, Bavarora shared some additional details, adding that “the day she went missing, her hair was natural and afro.”

The “Doctor Who” fan page also retweeted the poster of Fear’s Missing Person, “Warning of Missing Person: #DoctorWho” Tanya Fear, who played Jade in “Arachnids in the Giant Spider,” September 9, 2021 I went missing day by day. “

Fear is best known for portraying Dr. Jade McIntyre in the 2018 episode of the television series Doctor Who, Nina in the 2016 movie “Video”, and Harlow in the 2013 “Kick Ass 2”. I am.