Does Delta Variant Need to Change US Pandemic Playbook?

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what’s happening

More infectious variants of the coronavirus, known as delta, have spread to more than 80 countries around the world and currently account for at least 20 percent of COVID-19 cases in the United States.

First identified in India, It is believed to be 40-60% more contagious than the alpha mutant first identified in the United Kingdom, and is substantially more contagious than the original coronavirus strain, which itself launched a pandemic. It was. Delta variants are compelling to promote outbreaks around the world and impose new restrictions on more and more countries to reduce their spread. Even countries such as South Korea, Australia, and Israel, which were hailed as models for pandemic containment and vaccine distribution, responded to this change by curbing reopening plans. The Delta is believed to be the major contributor to the surge reported in developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top U.S. infectious disease expert, Delta will become the dominant U.S. stock in the coming weeks, creating a “greatest threat” to U.S. efforts to eliminate COVID-19. Bring. Despite these concerns and aggressive response in some US peers, Fauci and other senior government officials said the variant probably would not dramatically change the US virus response process. Stated. “If people get two shots, the Delta variant is unlikely to produce results.” Said in mid-June.

Why there is a debate

According to Forch, the main distinguishing factor between the United States and other countries that actively respond to this variant is the relatively high proportion of Americans vaccinated with COVID-19. There is evidence that fully vaccinated people enjoy the same level of protection against deltas as other variants, but those who receive only one vaccination appear to face greater risk. is. Government officials say that the best way to eradicate Delta is to continue a course of campaigns to vaccinate as many Americans as possible, rather than spending time and resources on other ineffective mitigation efforts. Claim to be.

However, some experts say the United States should modify its approach in response to Delta variants. More blockades seem to be reluctant, but some have asked the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to overturn the guidance that vaccinated people can be maskless indoors. ..Others say the Biden administration should do more The danger posed by Delta. Although the United States is ahead of most countries in vaccination, only half of the total population is fully protected, leaving ample room for the Delta to cause serious outbreaks.

Global health experts argue that the Delta variant should serve as an awakening call to rich countries like the United States. It is the spread of the virus in developing countries.Beyond the moral imperative to prevent unnecessary death among the poor and richest countries of the world, there is a risk of allowing vaccine-resistant forms of vaccine They insist that they evolve unless they dramatically increase their efforts in foreign aid.

What’s next

According to scientists, regions of the country with low vaccination rates, high summer temperatures, and the need for people to gather indoors may serve as test cases for the risk of delta mutants. “Look south in the summer,” an epidemiologist told the Atlantic Ocean. “It will give us the taste of what we are likely to see in the fall and winter.”


Continue the course

The media exaggerates the risk of delta variants

“Not many strains have been proven to be resistant to the vaccine, but it is best to avoid that possibility altogether. Even if nothing else, each new variant is undoubtedly a civilization. It’s great to silence the liberal Talking Heads, who are constantly crazy about how to kneel down. ”—Robert Schmad,

Delta is not dangerous enough to regain widespread masking

“If God forbids, it makes sense to revive vaccinated people to wear masks if there are new variants that prove to be powerless for our existing vaccines. But that’s not the case. So far, the vaccine has worked against delta variants. “— Jim Gerati,

The same strategy we have used works for Delta

“Despite the risks from the Delta, the overall public health strategy used throughout the pandemic remains valid.” — Umair Irfan,

More cases do not mean more deaths

“This virus is disproportionately dangerous to the elderly. People evaluated their risk levels and acted accordingly. Even with more cases, this data shows that hospitalizations and deaths last summer. It suggests that it will not surge so much. ”—Victor Jokes,

Strategy change

Maskman dating needs to be resurrected

“The CDC needs to act swiftly without waiting to ask everyone to put their masks back so that we can stay open, protect people and maintain our economy, in accordance with WHO guidelines. There is. ”—From public health expert Shad Marvasti

Schools need to be more vigilant to prevent the spread of the virus among students

“… old assumptions about children [not] Promoting community expansion was based on the original strain of this virus. You will find that these new, more contagious variants will make children and schools more popular. — Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb

US Needs More Ambitious Herd Immunity Benchmark

“President Biden has set a goal that 70% of Americans will shoot at least one bullet by July 4. It was hoped that the virus would disappear once the country reached mass immunity. Thanks to the Delta variant, it’s time to rethink …. Since it began, SARS-CoV-2 has evolved to be much more contagious. As the virus moves, so does the goalpost. The higher the infection, the greater the proportion of the population must be immune. — Editorial,

More emphasis should be placed on ensuring that people receive a second dose

“The national policy goal should focus on the percentage of people who have been fully vaccinated, not the percentage of those who have been vaccinated at least once. This may seem like a subtle difference. Not, but important in assessing immune levels against delta variants. ”—David Holtgrave,

Wealthy countries need to dramatically step up their global vaccination efforts

“99% of residents in low-income countries remain unvaccinated, and more variants may occur in the coming months, exceeding 11 already identified by WHO. Full global vaccination is unlikely to occur by 2024, so vaccine promotion needs to be accelerated. ”— Colm Quinn,

Now we need to prepare for even more dangerous variants

“WHO’s decision to name a variant after the Greek letter means that at some point it will probably be dealing with an omega variant. Our decision is that the ominous name is equally ominous. Decide whether it involves traits or whether OMEGA will be an unobtrusive scene during the end of the pandemic. “— Ed Young,

If vaccinated Americans are too complacent, many will die unnecessarily

“It’s easy for us vaccinated to say,’don’t worry,’ but I still want you to take the Delta variant seriously. Not for ourselves, but for our country. — Megan Runny,

Vaccination campaigns for vulnerable people should be overkill

“There is still the big problem that people are not easily accessible. [to vaccines].. … We should start a door-to-door visit. — From virologist Angela Rasmussen

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