Does Guasha Facial Massage Really Work?Here are the opinions of two experts


Gua sha (pronounced gwah-shah) tools (smooth half-moon shaped stones that massage the face) seem to have appeared everywhere in the last two years. But that practice is not new.actually Before modern medicine Born in China where stones have been used for processing All kinds of illnesses By rubbing the skin (gua).Like acupuncture, it’s based on Concept of promotion air(Pronounced Qi), the balance and flow of energy in our body.

Facial Guasha claims to give you Clear skin, less wrinkles, more carved appearance, And many skin care brands now manufacture facial guacha tools that come with their products. But does it really do anything? And is it worth our money? We talked to experts about two aspects of this issue. Guasha practitioner and aesthetic doctor.

This is what the Guasha practitioner says

At first, he was an expert in Chinese herbal medicine. Hayo method, UK-based Katie Brindle. I have been studying this subject since 2002 and have written a book about it. Brindle is a qualified five-element Kampo doctor who graduated from the Integrated Kampo University in the United Kingdom.

Guasha facial tools have different shapes and are designed to match the structure of the bone.  (Photo: Julia Ricica via Getty Images)

Guasha facial tools have different shapes and are designed to match the structure of the bone. (Photo: Julia Ricica via Getty Images)

“We believe that beauty is an external manifestation of internal health,” Brindle told the HuffPost. “This is a good reason because it never looks great when you feel sick. The idea is to focus on your health and beauty. Shiny hair, healthy weight, shiny skin. -In Chinese herbal medicine, these are all signs that your organs are happy. “

Brindle defines facial guasha as a simple and gentle technique that enhances facial circulation and lymphatic flow. Higher quality Guasha tools are made using jade or rose quartz stone and are molded without the use of unnecessary resin. The shape resembles a half moon and rocks the shape of the face during the massage.

Brindle says Guasha may be a tool you’ve missed if you’ve ever felt tension around your face, around your chin, or between your eyebrows.

“With Guasha Tool, you can work deeper into the muscles and fascia than with just your fingers, so you can consciously release tight areas,” says Brindle. “Facial Guasha activates acupoints along the 12 major meridians of the face.”

Brindle also said that East Asian medicine emphasizes the energy carried by certain objects and is known to carry materials such as jade and rose quartz. Healing energy..

This is what the aesthetic doctor says

Nyla Raja, Physician of Aesthetics and Founder of UK-based Aesthetics and Medispa Clinic, Dr. Naira Raja, He questioned Guasha’s ability to help reduce wrinkles and lift his face. She does not believe that stones can effectively go under the epidermis (surface layer) of the skin and affect the elastin production of the skin.

“Using Jade Guasha Tool at home basically gives a mini workout to the face. It can stimulate blood circulation, increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and improve skin health. “Raja said. “However, the effects of Guasha are unlikely to reach this layer and may not stimulate or enhance elastin production.”

She used Guashatool herself as part of her daily life, but I highly recommend it. But don’t expect Guasha to solve all of your skin care needs. All skin care routines require a variety of factors, not just consistency. For those with deep lines, the following collagen-enhancing treatments are recommended because wrinkles do not disappear suddenly due to Guasha. Ultherapy Instead, the effect can reach deep into the skin, stimulate collagen production, and enhance elastin. “

This is Raja’s takeaway: Use Guasha Tools as part of your routine to stimulate blood flow, but don’t expect miracles.There is Many studies Although they show impressive results, they mainly focus on the effects of traditional Guasha practices on the body, not on the face in particular. It certainly relieves tension and can be incorporated into daily life as a form of self-care practice. However, deciding whether to use the tool is a personal choice.

Want to try Facial Guasha? Here’s how.

“Guasha is such an overall cure and there is no wrong way to do it,” Brindle said. She recommends using the stone for 1 minute daily. This is enough to see the effect. But it’s also important to follow your intuition about how much or how much you feel better.

Guasha Tool is intended to gently press on the neck, face and the entire d & # xe9; collection.  (Photo: Andrey Popov via Getty Images)

Guashatool is intended to be gently pressed against the neck, face and the entire décolletage. (Photo: Andrey Popov via Getty Images)

Can be used with oil in the morning shower or before bedtime.. Brindle recommends using rose quarts in the morning and jade the rest of the day and night, based on the energy the stones are likely to carry.

  1. Gently press the tool over the neck, face and décolletage.

  2. With the lid closed, gently press and hold the tool under each eye and then above each eye.

  3. Start with the neck and press stroke to the forehead.

  4. Tilt the tool at a 45 degree angle in the direction you want to work, and use the rounded edges to press stroke the forehead, cheekbones, and lips in that order. Sweep about 8 times in each direction.Use double curved edges for throat and chin lines

To clean the Guasha tool, just run it underwater.For more techniques, Brindle has a variety of her personal videos Instagram And that Hayo method An account for you to help Guasha properly.

The redness of the face and body during treatment may look scary or traumatic, but with Chinese herbs redness (NS) Is the healing reaction of your body.Amount of NS It depends on the type of skin and the severity of the treatment.

When avoiding Guasha

Brindles said that people receiving chemotherapy should not use Guasha 48 hours or 24 hours after treatment. Pregnant women have facial and body acupoints that can cause uterine contractions in rare situations and should be avoided unless a specialist handles the work. Some other situations where Guasha is not recommended: during menstruation, on rosacea skin as it can affect the weight of the flow.

Brindle also states that if the facial veins are visible, the tool should be used differently. Repeat. Instead of using the rounded edges of the tool, use the flat edges of the jade stone to gently sweep along the contours of the face. ”

You can still use Guasha Tools even if you are using Botox or a dermal filler. Avoid treatment areas. “[The tool] It can be used on all untreated areas of the face to even out the difference between Botox and untreated skin, “Brindle said. “We recommend avoiding the treatment area for 28 days after dermal filler treatment and 14 days after Botox. You can continue to use Guashatool on other parts of the face.”

How to choose a tool

Check the weight (it should feel heavy) and feel if it’s cold. Real jade stones will be cool.

Check your selection of recommended tools below.

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