Does modern science require us to sacrifice freedom of conscience?


Over the last two years, many questions have been asked by Canadians, the majority of whom are loyal, obedient and sacrificed to keep our country moving during an unprecedented pandemic. increase.

However, in the third year of COVID, emotions have changed. Canadians are increasingly in conflict with each other and with their political leaders. Our culture has collapsed and is frustrated. With each blockade and mission, we feel that our rights and freedoms are diminishing.

Sure, Canadians aren’t determined to be disobedient or illegal, but they’re starting to ask legitimate questions about the declining sense of personal freedom.

One increasingly elusive freedom is the freedom of conscience. This is the first basic freedom described in Section 2 of the Canadian Rights and Freedom Charter. It is an individual’s power to have one’s own opinions and beliefs and to live according to that perspective.

One of the new threats to our freedom of conscience is compulsory vaccination. The federal government requires all critical service providers to be fully vaccinated. Ironically, this is called a vaccine passport, the same government that mandated that it be “divisional and potentially discriminatory” within a year. Currently, hospitals and health authorities require all health care workers to be vaccinated or retired. Many companies make the same demands on their employees. To cross the border for work or entertainment, you need a vaccination certificate.

Prior to 2021, Canadians were free to oppose medical procedures based on their freedom of conscience. Every procedure has risks and benefits, which vary greatly from person to person. There are many reasons why someone chooses or opts out of COVID vaccination. The hard labor nature of vaccine obligations has deprived many Canadians of their freedom to make that choice.

Does modern science really demand that we sacrifice freedom of conscience? We don’t really know the answer, as the government and many media have essentially stopped conversations, including dissenting views. New studies on the efficacy of viruses and various vaccines are conducted almost daily, and many well-established medical professionals oppose bioethical evidence-based compulsory vaccines. Still, he wasn’t even willing to consider a different perspective than the government story. Censorship and cancellation cultures have become surprisingly common.

Thousands of vehicles (mainly long-haul trucks) from all over Canada gathered in Ottawa last weekend to protest the government’s various COVID obligations. After traveling the Trans Canada Highway under the name Freedom Convoy 2022, the whole world will have the opportunity to see how this move unfolds.

These truck drivers adhere to the basic belief that all Canadians, whether vaccinated or not, should be free to choose medical procedures without facing discrimination or life restrictions. Taking action for Most Canadians are fine in supporting such a fundamental and liberal purpose, but the main news network is that “far-right and white supremacist groups” are free convoys for their purposes. We chose to focus on the offensive and divisive allegations that we adopted. In addition, one report argued that “extreme voices want to take advantage of their anger,” turning the protest into “the Canadian version of the January 6 riots in Washington last year.”

The words used by the media when reporting protests like Freedom Convoy are important because they have incredible power to form opinions. Many major media tend to demonize unvaccinated, and the January Maru survey showed the depth of its impact: 37% of Canadians have unvaccinated publicly funded medical care. We believe it is acceptable to refuse, but 27% agree that it is short. Imprisonment can be a useful tool for fulfilling vaccine obligations.

Suddenly, one in four Canadians wants to see their neighbors imprisoned for potentially carrying the virus they are vaccinated against?

Instead of showing the politeness we are known to, we have been subtly encouraged to take anger and fingertips. The vaccine story presented to Canadians leaves little room for critical thinking and thought diversity. If the information provided is selective or deliberately misleading, it is difficult to make informed choices.

I have never been so focused on the quest for facts and knowledge. I don’t want to limit myself to a particular set of ideas forever.What i do true What I want is the truth.

Regardless of the various political, religious, or ideological labels we wear, there is one that connects us. That is, we all want to think for ourselves. We Canadians have long postponed the opportunity to exercise our freedom of conscience when it comes to navigating COVID together. The idea that “freedom” and “science” are at odds with each other is not simply true.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Leon Fontaine


Leon Fontaine is a television and podcast host, CEO of media organization, international speaker and writer.