Does sleaze’s claim break through the red wall?

& # Xa0; Rishi Sunak-Lee Smith & # xa0; / PA

Rishi Sunak-Lee Smith / PA

“This by-election has nothing to do with the red bricks, the red line, or what you call it,” sighs Mike Tilling, principal of the Haitang Stall Science University in Hartlepool. “Outside journalists started talking politically here, and they went straight to the Doll Center and Weatherspoon.”

As he walks through the glittering new building of his comprehensive school, he says, no candidate has visited the school, even though it has just undergone millions of pounds of renovations. Instead, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak opted for a visit to the town’s fashionable new movie studio development at the town’s Northern Arts School, called the “Northern Pine Forest.”

“The problem with Hartlepool is that all the development topics aren’t focused. Like the nearby Nissan plant in Sunderland, the town doesn’t have a single anchor. If a big company moves in, it’s local. The school curriculum can be organized based on specific technical skills, “says Tilling. .. “No one standing seems to understand it completely.”

By-elections Bay between Westminster and the local worldview.. Career politicians parachute to places they have never visited. London critics have come down into their flock, deciding to insert the exotic place of the day into Westminster’s wider psychodrama.

Boris-Ian Forsyth / AFP

Boris-Ian Forsyth / AFP

But in this month’s Hartlepool by-election, The collision seems to be particularly bitter.. Neither of the two major parties has a frustration to “get” Hartlepool. Disappointment is widespread that neither the conservative candidate Jill Mortimer nor the Labor Party Paul Williams are from Hartlepool.

Voters are impatient that “London obsessions” such as “Boris’ Bloody Golden Wallpaper” are interfering with conversations due to important issues in the city. Residents are furious at being “carpet bombed” with expensive leaflets during an economically devastating blockade.

In short, the people of Hartlepool seem to be frustrated and confused about being the latest center of a fierce turf war between the two major parties over their former working-class base. After holding the Labor majority to just 3,595 votes in the 2019 elections, the Conservatives are vying for all votes. Workers, on the other hand, are determined to cling. After campaigning in town last week, Sir Keir Starmer will continue to visit today with his final effort to attract Swing voters.

Tories shy about the outlook

“We have to be realistic. The Labor Party has held this supporter for 57 years,” says Conservative Co-Chair Amanda Milling, who was on the road to the campaign. She added that the pandemic made the campaign more difficult.

Still they Quietly expecting a backlash against the Labor Party “Taking the members for granted” is brewing, and the Tories’ level-up agenda has survived. “Hartrupudrian points out what we are doing, for example at the nearby Freeport in Tees Valley, and they want to be part of it. The other day, the mayor of the area, Ben. I stepped on the door with Hochen. As I say hello to him. “

Tory Camp is also The choice of worker candidates proves deadly.. Paul Williams, who voted for the MILF, has been involved in a series of controversies since announcing his candidacy-reducing resources to the hospital he promised from “inappropriate” tweets using the vulgar term Milf. Even the exposure that he helped out is revived. The latter revelation particularly hurt his position among local Labor voters.

Glenn Hughes, running a local campaign that has fought to restore Hartlepool’s A & E division, was “flavored” by Paul Williams’ candidacy. “I’m a socialist who voted for Labor for the rest of my life, but what do I do when I see a picture of him posing outside the hospital without mentioning the role he played in the closure of A & E? I thought it would be. “

Dr. Paul Williams-Ian Forsyth & # xa0; / Getty Images

Dr. Paul Williams-Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

Still, Glenn is voting for an independent candidate, not the Tories. “Many of us are from socialist households. It’s not stuck in our throat, but you grow up with the feeling that politics is helping people. To vote for blue. It’s hard to get it all out to the public. Many of us look at independent candidates before the conservatives. “

It’s a typical attitude among disillusioned Labor voters in the town. There seems to be the main problem with the Tories in Hartlepool. During the 2019 elections, there was a wealth of anecdotes about Tory switchers throughout the northeast and Midland. In Hartlepool, this is simply not the case. If victory comes, it may be tough.

“If the Tories understand Hartlepool (the soul and needs of the city), they haven’t really met,” says Mark Lloyd, a luxury jewelery business in the heart of the city. With his flowing hair, a floral shirt on a leather apron, and a single gleaming earring, he gave Hart Rupudrian’s quirky grafting quality that none of the candidate’s sound bites were captured. It seems to symbolize.

“What people don’t really understand is that it used to be a very rich place. There are still a lot of wealthy people dating back to the industrial era. It’s a small town that I’m very proud of.” Tories. Should be welcomed to set up Freeport in Hartlepool, but he’s not sure they know how to get the most out of it, so he’s metal in his workshop. Screams that it is not “just” as it swirls. Another good thing that might have happened. “

Lack of message

Aside from skepticism about the Tories’ business credentials, other speed surges along the journey have weakened the Tories’ momentum. Locals seem overwhelmed by the selection of candidates that North Yorkshire barrister Jill Mortimer admits has never “spent a lot of time” in the city. They struggled to create a single message that resonated at the front door, like “Take Back Control.”

The Downing Street refurbishment scandal was unsuccessful, but the Prime Minister’s vaccine victory was also successful. All the voters I spoke to didn’t seem to add to the idea that it might give the Conservatives an edge. “People don’t see it as a Tory victory in particular,” said Hilton Dawson, a former Labor lawmaker representing the Northeastern Party. “They tend to associate rollouts more with the NHS and thank the locals for the injections.” He’s not a Labor fan, but in the end they do their best by talking to the NHS. I believe. “People raise their eyebrows when Dr. Williams causes a political event in scrubs, but why don’t you?”

Keir Starmer & # xa0; -Ian Forsyth & # xa0; / Getty Images

Keir Starmer-Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

The failure of the Brexit party to devote resources to candidates in the 2019 elections, as did Richard Tice, could also help Starmer retain many disillusioned voters. There are some impressive independent candidates standing, but they are lacking in resources and are fragmented.

“We missed the trick because the Brexit party is a one-party issue,” says Adam Gale, who owns Rosie’s pub at Marina. He decided to take an independent position in the wake of the catastrophic fallout of the blockade. Many of his friends, from freelance wedding planners to recycling factory staff, have lost their jobs and are now relying on food banks. He promised to fund the latter with half of his MP wages if he wins, but there are no resources to step on the flyers or doors.

Possibly unfulfilled

Between conversations, we drank coffee on the terrace of his pub and watched life pass by in the sunny marina. As the family grabs Albondiga at the tapas bar, a group of girlfriends drink gin fizz in a wicker chair outside the cotton candy pink cocktail bar. If there is a huge parking lot in the middle and the view of the boat is not obstructed, it may be a view of the Mediterranean Sea. The council recently proposed buying land from private owners and turning it into an outdoor plaza perfect for long summer nights and fish festivals. The bid failed. “It’s the story of Hartlepool, and it’s possible that it’s purely unfulfilled,” says Adam.

Samantha Lee, an independent candidate for his companion who is equally dissatisfied with Hartlepool’s lack of recent progress, is a particularly annoying concern for the Tories. Connected PR entrepreneurs appear to be overwhelmed by the blockade and collecting hundreds of important Tory votes, especially among the disillusioned small business owners of the town.

Amanda Milling-Asadour Guzelian & # xa0; / Guzelian & # xa0;

Amanda Milling-Asadour Guzelian / Guzelian

As we build a career along the coast in her limegreen camper (a friend named Scooby Doo), she rages at the 78-mile Dogger Bank wind farm built in the North Sea. I will.

“Why can’t the local JDR provide submarine cables for the project, just as the teaside plant was just chosen to manufacture turbine blades?”

“We have an industrial park with corporate status where no one has done anything. The council that makes window cleaners and cupcake makers fills out a general business plan so that it can be said that it is creating a new business. To do.”

When asked by her, she laughs when I ask her if she stood as a Tory candidate.

She also laughed about hitting the Victoria Derbyshire road bang earlier this week. The BBC refused to include her in the televised Husting lineup because she was not one of the major political parties. But then the smile becomes greedy. “The problem is that politics is going in the wrong direction. London will come here and tell you what the problem is. Sure, we should tell them.”

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