Does the child support system affect the mental health of the father?


Today, more than one million Australian children live without fathers, and the legislation that underpins the family court and child support systems contributes to the country’s current fatherless crisis.

Contrary to popular belief, child support payments have nothing to do with an irresponsible father abandoning his child.

The country’s child support system, developed to begin jurisdiction over the courts in the late 1980s, ensures that private remittances, primarily from fathers to mothers, reduce the burden on the country in terms of welfare spending. Driven by need.

According to Patrick Parkinson, Dean of the University of Queensland’s Faculty of Law and one of the leading family legal scholars in the United States. Support scheme provides “Perverse incentives … The primary caregiver resists spending more time with other parents on the child to avoid reducing child support.”

Whenever possible, these perverse incentives should be avoided, “and legislative policies in these areas should be in harmony, not conflict,” he added.

Many women today can think of divorce with confidence that their financial benefits can outweigh their losses. In contrast, in the case of men, a particular cause of disappointment was the imminent loss of contact with the children who helped them love, protect and raise.

A common scenario is when a wife goes out with her child. Sometimes I take all the furniture with me. These wives take custody of children, which is the majority of the value of a family home, and the Child Support Agency guarantees that the affected husband will pay child support, which is rarely seen. ..

Another well-known scenario is when a husband is forced to pay a mortgage, but soon leaves his family’s home and pays the rent for another home for himself.

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Child support payments have led to the collapse of the Australian family. (Fizkes / Shutterstock)

As mentioned Barry Mayley, a family policy expert, said: His prospects of fixing his shattered poor life, reuniting, and perhaps having other children are minimal. “

While wives can escape and hear the testimony of countless husbands who have been given custody of their children, they are expected to pay child support and sometimes spouse maintenance costs.

In this sense, research (research)pdf) Indicates that divorce following the loss of meaningful contact with the child is a major factor in male suicide.What is the mortality rate of child support payers in Australia? Almost double Percentage of men who have not received an administrative child support assessment.

Therefore, it can be concluded that divorce and subsequent loss of access to children has a strong net impact on suicide mortality, but only among men. There is no statistically significant difference in the risk of suicide among women by marital status category.

This leads to an important question: “Why do divorced men commit suicide?”

Augustin Kupsois, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Riverside, Explain it,

… There seems to be a tacit assumption that the bond between a woman and her children is stronger than the bond between a man and his children. As a result, divorce settlements are more likely to give wives custody of their children. After all, the father loses not only his marriage but also his children.

As a result, the husband feels betrayed, especially because it is his wife who started the divorce, or because the court has virtually transferred everything that was previously owned by the ex-husband or the now-deceased household. In some situations, the court system can be angry. Ex-wife.

Events can swirl into resentment (against the spouse and the “system”), bitterness, anxiety, depression, diminished self-esteem, and a sense of “life worth living”. Depression and poor mental health are known markers of suicide risk, so one of the underlying reasons for the association observed between divorce and suicide in men is post-divorce (court-approved). It may be the effect of the “arrangement”.

Adding accusations of domestic violence not only requires the father to be expelled from his property, but also to prove his innocence before he is within 100 meters (328 feet) of his child.

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The family will walk together in Westminster, California on September 22, 2020. (John Fredericks / The Epoch Times)

As David Collier pointed outA former judge of the Parramatta Family Court, false accusations of domestic violence orders have become the “major weapon” in the war between parents to ensure the child’s sole custody.

The question is how domestic violence orders are issued and why they are done. The nature and content of these serious complaints lacks the infamous scrutiny.

Timing is a possible sign that someone is asking for such an order for any reason other than a real safety concern. A common example is that after initiating a custody procedure, the whistleblower applies for this detention order, which has the practical effect of gaining an advantage in family court proceedings.

Of course, not everyone who applies for an order for domestic violence is a true victim. Not everyone who is the subject of such an instruction is the executor.

Needless to say, you can’t write a law for the sole benefit of one partner without being labeled as a sexist.Similarly, they may and have been used by male partners Equally malicious purpose..

In short, there is a clear link between the child support system and attempts to eradicate the relationship between the child and the father. These fathers provide support through the government, but are marginalized from their children.

Given that child support is calculated based on the number of nights the child spends with his father, moral hazard can be created and seduce the main caretaker. Refrain from access Money, for the most basic reason.

If you need critical assistance, call Lifeline 13 1114.

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August Zimmermann


Dr. August Zimmermann is a professor and director of legal affairs at the Sheridan Institute for Higher Education in Perth. He is also Chairman of the Western Australian Law Theory Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Western Australian Jurist Law Journal, and a former member of the Western Australian Law Amendment.